I tell you how to correctly choose a hard drive for your computer and laptop

Hello everyone! Although in the era of SSDs, hard drives are in less demand, but they still remain the main storage, since they cost an order of magnitude less than SSDs with large amounts of memory. In the article below you will find information on how to choose the right HDD for your computer.

The choice is actually not as difficult as it might seem, then it is worth knowing a couple of points before buying.

Computer or laptop?

This is the very first question in buying an HDD. If you take it for a laptop, then you only need to choose a 2.5 "drive, another simply won't fit in there. But for a stationary PC, both 2.5 "and 3.5" can be suitable, but you still need to buy 3.5 "for a PC, since it is simply cheaper than a 2.5" laptop HDD.


As for the volume, then everyone chooses the size that he needs. Personally, I myself and many others take or recommend drives of 1-2 TB maximum. This volume, coupled with a fast SSD, is enough for most modern tasks.

Personally, I now have about 600 GB of 2 TB free (100 on a 1 TB HDD, 150 on a 500 GB HDD and 350 on a 512 GB SSD).

Rotational speed

There is nothing special to choose from in this characteristic, since everything is simple here, for a regular PC we take a 7200 RPM disk, and for a laptop 5400 RPM, since due to the lower rotation there is less heat and vibration.

What about the brand?

Usually, the above characteristics are enough for most users to choose HDD. The manufacturer remains the last selection criterion. In principle, they are all good, I personally have had different disks on different PCs over the years. For example, now my main PC has a 500 GB Hitachi HDD, which has been working for 9 years, since I rearranged it from a previous PC I bought in 2012.

Of the new ones, I put myself on 2 PCs and recommend Toshiba P300 to others, this is an excellent series of hard drives for an adequate price tag. Two such 1 TB disks in different PCs have been working for 3 years without any complaints.


Choosing a hard drive for your computer is not so difficult if you know the basic parameters. Of course, there are 15,000 RPM drives, hybrid drives with an SSD inside, and a bunch of variations. But why bother with nonsense when you can get a high-quality HDD and a high-quality SSD for the same money.

Hope this article was helpful to you.

Thank you for reading the article to the end!

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