Watch "ESSENCE" from South Korea - top 3 models for every day cheaper than 10 thousand rubles

Hello everyone! In this article, I will tell you about three quality Asian watches that are sold all over the world.

The ESSENCE brand appeared relatively recently, in 1979, over the past 42 years, the brand has managed to conquer not only the domestic market, but also go beyond South Korea. Watches of this brand sell well both in Europe and in the USA.

In Russia, the brand is not so well known in wide circles, so I decided to fix it, because high-quality products deserve it.

Below I tried to choose models with different designs so that everyone can find a watch to their liking.


The first model is simple, but not classic. The design is futuristic and perfect for young people with an active life. The watch looks very solid, and if you consider that the company uses only high-quality materials, then wearing such a model every day is a pleasure.

Mechanism - quartz
Housing - stainless steel
Bracelet / strap - leather
Water protection - 30WR
Glass - mineral
The size - 40 mm

A weighty minus of the watch is its weak water resistance. The maximum protection is rain drops. But the style of the watch also implies wearing it in an urban environment, not in the jungle.


The following hours are more suitable for business people and office wear. Rose gold IP coating looks expensive and presentable. Moreover, this model has a wider functionality in contrast to the first.

Mechanism - quartz
Housing - stainless steel
Bracelet / strap - stainless steel
Water protection - 30WR
Glass - mineral
The size - 43 mm

The model has 3 subdials. But this is not a chronograph, as one might think at a glance. Some are responsible for displaying the day of the week, the second for the number, and the third for the 24-hour format.


The latest model is sporty. This is hinted at by both the design and the materials of the watch. Although globally from its counterparts, the model does not stand out in anything special, except for 2 sports functions. The series is called Racing.

Mechanism - quartz
Housing - stainless steel
Bracelet / strap - rubber
Water protection - 30WR
Glass - mineral
The size - 48 mm

There is a bezel and a chronograph for 1 minute. The number is displayed in a small window, and on the second subdial, the time is in 24-hour format.

I rarely write an afterword, but here I would like to note that the watch is really cool, but Koreans need to work with water resistance. This is especially true in the sports series. It is foolish to play sports in a watch that can barely withstand the rain.

Thanks for reading to the end!

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