I tell you how often to change thermal paste and why you need to do it๐Ÿ‘

Hello everyone! More or less advanced users have probably at least heard about thermal paste and why it is needed, but no one really thinks about replacing it, but in vain.

What is it for?

Thermal grease is a special composition of various metals that improves thermal conductivity from the processor to the heatsink of the cooler.

Since the surfaces of both are not perfectly flat, and it is unlikely that anyone can connect them as closely as possible. turns out, then some connecting element is required that will maximally connect the hot processor and radiator.

How often should it be changed?

Everyone says different things. Some say that very often, up to 1-2 times a year, someone says that nothing needs to be changed and let everything stand as it is. But in fact, both the first and the second are stupid.

The processor has a maximum operating temperature. For example, most modern processors have 90-100 degrees. If your processor even after 5 years runs at 85 degrees even under maximum load, then of course nothing needs to be changed, because there is no point. And if even a brand new cooler cannot cool your processor below 90 degrees, then you should think about replacing the paste with a better one. And maybe about the cooler itself, but more on that in another article.

Usually, a high-quality paste allows you to reduce the heating by 5-10 degrees, but this is provided that you have completely smeared nonsense, and you bought a high-quality and expensive one.

Which one to take?

I have used many, especially the stubborn ones still advise the ancient KPT-8, someone generally worships the expensive liquid metal. But personally, I advise you to buy pasta on your wallet in a normal store. First of all, cooling gives a good cooler, and the paste only helps it. If you have a weak cooler, then spread it with anything, the temperature will still be high, the paste will dry out, and you will have to change it again.


Summing up, we can say that you do not need to do nonsense and change pastes every year. The main advice is one - from time to time monitor the temperature of the processor and video card and do not allow work on maximum temperatures, if there is an excess - change, if everything is fine - let it be smeared for at least 10 years factory.

And all these constant replacements, the race for a decrease of 1-2 degrees is the lot of enthusiasts and geeks.

Hope this article was helpful to you.

Thank you for reading the article to the end!

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