Many people believe that if there is interference during a telephone conversation, then there is wiretapping. But it is not so

Just now I read an article in Zen from my colleague in the shop (I will not advertise the channel here), in which it is written that if there is interference during a telephone conversation, then 100% of you are listening and you need something do! But this is far from the case.

If someone is listening to a telephone conversation in 2021, then you will not notice any signs, and this the rumor that the presence of interference indicates wiretapping has been going on since the days of analog telephones (stationary).

If you "bump" into the line of a landline telephone, then during the conversation there will really be interference. However, even here this theory is distorted: if the one who needs to listen to the conversation connects in advance, then there will be no interference.

Yes, and on old analog PBXs, sometimes during a conversation it was possible to hear another conversation altogether (I'm not talking about interference), and sometimes people even arranged chats (I will give the link below). In addition, the quality of the analog signal is highly dependent on the wiring and various electromagnetic interference on it. And even to this day (there are still such automatic telephone exchanges) in analog telephone lines, step finders are used. That is, the electromagnet physically moves the contact and directs it to the desired line. This may be accompanied by interference.

Erickson's first stepping finder in 1906.
Erickson's first stepping finder in 1906.
Erickson's first stepping finder in 1906.

By the way, this is the main reason for the transition to a digital signal, because it is either there or not. If the quality of the line is bad, then the quality of the conversation decreases, and if it is impossible to transmit a conversation even in the minimum quality, then it is simply impossible. Therefore, if you thought that if there was interference during a conversation before your home phone, then they would listen to you - this is nothing more than a myth.

Test device for testing the equipment of automatic telephone exchanges of decade stepping type АТС 54-А
Test device for testing the equipment of automatic telephone exchanges of decade stepping type АТС 54-А

Modern telephone communication already works exclusively through a digital signal. The analog signal from the microphone to the digital board goes through a short wire and then into digital. Also from the board to the speaker. However, during a conversation on a mobile phone, you can also hear interference and rudiments.

The reason for this is simple: if the quality of the mobile network signal changes, then quality is lost intentionally: maximum compression is used in order to somehow transmit speech over a weak channel. Therefore, if you are chatting on the phone and the signal level of the cellular network you have only 1 stick, then there may be various kinds of distortion and interference. And this is not a sign that you are being bugged.

As I wrote above: it is almost impossible to determine that your conversations are being tapped. Moreover, if law enforcement agencies listen to conversations, then they do it exclusively through the operator. Most likely, in real mode, no one will even listen: the conversation will be recorded and then passed on to the employees.

Even if with the help of expensive equipment someone intercepts the cellular signal (and such there are devices, they are used by special services, as a rule, in other countries), then again you do not have anything understand. There will simply be no signs.

It's another matter if an application is installed on your smartphone that records the conversation in real mode and sends it "where-needed", but as a rule, it is impossible not to notice such an application, and even more so just like that put.

Usually, the user installs all viral applications himself, and also gives the necessary permissions to access the microphone, phone, camera.

But as I already wrote: you still need to manage to install such an application, and if you bought a smartphone from your hands, then it is easier to do a hard reset to the factory settings than to look for a needle in a haystack.

Well, to sum up: modern legislation is structured in such a way that all our calls, as well as messenger data, are stored on special servers for 30 days.

This is necessary in order to calculate various criminals, because all communication now occurs, in fact, via the Internet (modern telephony also works through the global network).

Well, I will also reassure you: just like that, no one will ever listen to your calls. Only if there is a compelling reason (a court decision or an initiated criminal case).

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