I didn't find a mug on sale like Putin's, but I bought it even better, which keeps warm or cold up to 12 hours

"Putin's mug" has become so popular that almost every inhabitant of our country wanted to buy such a thing. I searched for a long time, compared, even tested thermo mugs to choose a really high-quality product.

I bought not for a gift, but for myself, the main criteria for selection: design and quality. No fakes, only original products.

And as it turned out, I was not mistaken in my choice, I bought a thermo mug even better than from our president, well, it seems to me.

Stylish metal case. Especially good for those who do not know what to give to their friend, boss, brother, matchmaker, etc. And also, I found in the tube a card with a unique promotional code for a 20% discount and a 10-year warranty.

Now I will show and tell you why I chose the "Bobber" thermo mug. One of the main advantages is that this mug has double walls made of stainless food grade steel.

1 - Convenient twist lid, which is made using unique world technologies.

2 - Please note that the flask of this mug does not contain seams, it is a one-piece construction, due to which, the time for storing heat is increased.

3 - The bottom of the mug narrows, and this allows us to place the mug in any cup holder, even in a car.

4 - Extra wide mouth, easy to drink and clean. Keeps warm up to 6 hours, and if you pour cold watersaboutichuthen it stays cold for up to 12 hours.

5 - Tight retainer that guarantees 100% leakage protection. And yet, it is convenient in that it does not need to be completely unscrewed. It is enough to slightly open the top part, and you can drink as from an ordinary mug - from either side.

"Custom design" you can choose the color and size of the circle.

And most importantly, you can order an engraving service and make any inscription. An excellent solution to congratulate a birthday person or a loved one.

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