To prevent the fence from decaying and falling apart after 2-3 years, I decided to make a small revision, like the neighbors

It is especially important during the construction crisis, because now, to put up a simple fence made of corrugated board and pipes, you will need more than one hundred thousand rubles.

Therefore, let's try to protect and preserve what has already been built or is about to be built. As a rule, all fences are the same, in order to save money on poles, we go to the metal collection point and buy old pipes there.

The pipes are painted, it seems that there is protection against corrosion, but, as a rule, few people care about protecting the pipe itself.

View from above.
View from above.

Imagine yes, how much water can accumulate there. There are no standard plugs in stores, they simply are not for sale. Therefore, we take any plastic bottle. No, we will not put a piece of a bottle on a pole, we will make it much more cunning and reliable.

Cut off the bottom of the bottle.

The size can be different, for example, for me, literally 6 cm.

We put our piece on the pipe.

We take any building hair dryer. The thing is not expensive, I bought it for 800 rubles.

We turn on and get the result of heat shrinkage.

The result is such a simple plug, it can be removed and put on without effort.

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