Sberbank finally heard complaints and changed the SMS template to write off money: it will be harder for fraudsters

I often receive complaints from subscribers, they say:

- What to do? They called and asked for the code from the SMS, I read it, and then found that the money had been debited. I have Sberbank.

Unfortunately, there is nothing to help here: this is how fraudsters work, and most people (mainly the elderly) have a low level of financial literacy in modern realities.

When you try to write off money from the card, in most cases, you receive an SMS. Which looks like this:

Sber has done much better now:

I wrote many times in Sberbank that the template needs to be changed. And they changed it.

True, not entirely successful, but still now the risk that an elderly person will dictate a code to someone will decrease.

Although, not everyone reads English and it would be better to write it like this:

- Do not tell anyone the code: 123456. After entering this code, 100 rubles will be debited from your card. (The name of the organization in whose favor the write-off is).

But personally, I would have done it differently. With the help of 2 sms. The person pays for something with the card.

The first SMS arrives:

- Payment has been initiated from your bank card. Send "Yes" to get the code.

- We send "Yes"

- We receive a code to confirm payment.

In my opinion, such a scheme will generally reduce to zero all attempts by fraudsters to extract this code from gullible pensioners. I sent my idea to Sberbank and leading banks, maybe they will introduce it, we'll see.

About changing the SMS template, I also wrote to leading banks, wrote for a long time, about a year ago, but without an answer. The larger the organization, the further it is from the common man.

The problem with most banks is that they do not educate older people about financial literacy. However, let me remind you:

- No codes from the bank can be disclosed to anyone. They are just for you. The bank employee does not need your codes, the maximum that a bank employee can ask you is the last 4 digits of the card;

- The expiration date and code on the back of the card are information that is exclusively intended for the cardholder only. Nobody should ask for these numbers.

- If you were allegedly called from a bank, then end the conversation and call your bank's hotline number yourself.

- Don't keep all your money on the card. Create an account and store them there. And when necessary, simply transfer to your card from the account;

- For online payments, enter a virtual card. In case of problems, it can be re-released immediately.

By fulfilling these four conditions, you will not lose money from the card. Let me remind you that every year scammers deceive gullible Russians for billions of rubles!

Thanks for reading!

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