When do you need to turn off the Wi-Fi router

The Wi-Fi router is designed for 24/7 use and does not need to be turned off. However, there are several situations in which it is better to turn off the router.

I'll tell you about them from my own experience.

1. Leaving home for a long time

Personally, I turn off the router when I'm not at home for a whole day. Why would I leave the power supply turned on unattended?

There have been cases when the power supply melted, and if I had not noticed, then sad consequences would have occurred. Of course, the likelihood that the power supply suddenly decides to burn out at the time of departure is low, but it still happens.

2. Internet is unstable or Wi-Fi is losing network

In this case, you can try restarting your router. But since the restart button may not be there, and you need to be able to enter the router interface, it is easier to turn off the router and turn it on again after 30 seconds.

This manipulation will clear the router's cache, eliminate errors, and if you have never touched the settings, it will choose a random communication channel, which may be more stable than the previous one (signal quality is greatly affected by interference from other routers and devices that work on a paired frequency).

The router's reset button can be found on the back.
The router's reset button can be found on the back.

It is also advisable to reboot the router once a month: as already mentioned above, this procedure will reset the accumulated errors during the operation of the device.

3. Abnormal heating of the device / damage to the power supply

The router heats up and this is the norm for him. After all, there is a small computer inside, as well as an output stage for high-frequency amplification. However, if your router heats up abnormally (light smoke is visible), then such a router cannot be used.

The same applies to the power supply: if it shows signs of melting or there is damage in the wire, the power supply must be replaced.

However, I had a case when replacing the power supply led to the same consequences. Later it turned out that the router began to consume more current, it had to be replaced.

This advice also applies to outdated routers that are more than 10 years old - it is better to replace such a device with a more modern one.

4. Your router in the bedroom by the bed

The debate on the harm of high frequencies will continue until humanity has accumulated experience of the impact of high frequencies on the body. So far, too little time has passed to gain experience of how long-term exposure to HF affects the body.

Therefore, if your router is close to the bed, then it is better to simply turn it off at night. If the router is far from the place of your sleep (2-3 meters), then you do not need to turn it off: high frequencies quickly lose their strength depending on the distance.

How do I turn off the router?

1. Using a button on the back of the device;
2. Pull the power supply out of the socket physically;

The reboot is more difficult. You can simply turn it off and on, you can find the reset button (if there is one on the case) or use the web interface (information about access is on the sticker).

Thanks for reading!

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