I tell you how to choose the right cooler for the processoršŸ‘

Hello everyone! I often noticed that my friends and acquaintances had powerful processors and weak coolers, and on the contrary, they installed tower processors with 120 fans for weak processors. In this article I will tell you how to choose the right cooler for a particular processor.

What is a cooler for?

The cooler acts as a heat sink from the processor. Hot air from the processor is transferred to the heatsink, and from the heatsink is removed by the cooler. The more powerful the cooler, the more efficiently hot air is removed from the processor.

But you need to choose a cooler wisely and for a specific processor. We will talk about this below.

What parameters should you look at when choosing a cooler?

There are not many parameters, but they are all important. The most important thing is what kind of processor you have, or rather the socket for it, this should be the cooler. There are 2 types on the market - AMD and Intel. Mounts on motherboards for coolers differ dramatically.

Most modern coolers support both processors and the kit comes with a set of mounts for both. But still, be sure to check with the purchase to ensure that the cooler supports your socket.

Further important parameter - power dissipation. In order to choose the right cooler, you need to look at the thermal package of the processor - TDP. This is the maximum amount of heat that the processor will generate during operation. For example, there is an N processor with a 95W thermal package. If you take a cooler with a power dissipation of up to 100W or even lower, then the processor will overheat. Conversely, if the processor has a TDP of, for example, 50W, and your cooler is 150W, then this is a waste of money.

Advice - add about 20-40 units to the TDP of the processor and take a cooler with such a figure of power dissipation. As there will be different losses, errors and environmental conditions, which may require more dispersion. Therefore, always take with a margin.

Which company to take?

There are a great many firms, there are premium and expensive Be quiet! or Noctua. And there are budget Deepcool, Aerocool and so on. Personally, I have it, and I advise all my friends and acquaintances Deepcool GAMMAX 300. It is a popular favorite that fits almost all processors and is excellent at cooling even hot processors.

It is inexpensive and quiet. And it's very easy to clean. This is just a recommendation, and so take any, just do not forget about the parameters that I wrote about above.

Hope this article was helpful to you.

Thank you for reading this article to the end!

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