This method of connecting a wire to an outlet in Russia is not taught, a reliable method that is not described in the PUE

Yes, few people know about this method, I propose to get acquainted with a completely new and very interesting way of connecting a wire to an outlet or switch.

The point of this post is to show you to your assessment, so to speak, a very controversial connection that came to us from Europe. I'm not the author or creator, so we put ratings and write comments.

"Don't know Ohm's law - stay at home"- For some reason, I immediately remembered the golden words of my teacher in electrical engineering.

We were taught so, we make a ring so that the connection is reliable.

Of course, this method is not always acceptable, especially since now they make such sockets and switches that you cannot connect without a mat! This is at best, and at worst, you will definitely break)

Therefore, sometimes you have to connect according to the "classic".

Now attention, a new way! We strip the wire and bend it, as shown in the photo.

Then we do it like this, just a question, Will this arc warm up?

But then everything is simple, we watch a short video:

So, what we get in theory: We increase the contact area, this is clearly a plus. Then I "blunt" a little it was necessary to turn the wire over so that it was tightened clockwise.

Friends, for the first time in 3 years, I ask you not to dislike and comment on the publication. This is not my idea I want to hear your opinion and the more the better. I have doubts, I would like to hear your opinion. I have shared with you new information, I think it is very useful, at least for thought)

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