Will Windows 11 be out this year? I share my opinion

There are rumors that Microsoft will soon release a new operating system Windows 11.

However, several other sources claim that 11 is too early to ship, and rumors are about a major update to Windows 10. Whom to believe...

The company itself calls its new product a "new generation system" and naturally evades any comments in every possible way. It is important for Microsoft to create a "hype" whether it is a new version or just a large-scale system update.

Well, personally, I never bothered about such topics at all and did not follow them, just a series of questions from my readers and subscribers made me write this article and share my opinion.

On the one hand, Windows 10 is still somewhat damp in some ways. For example, the absurdity with the separation of settings on the "Control Panel" and "Parameters". I have been using 10 for 5 years and am still confused between these two methods.

Also, support for network connections by Microsoft programs leaves much to be desired - take for example, the official Microsoft app store: in order to download something from there, you need to wait long time.

Also, since the days of Windows 8, problems with the taskbar remain: it can blink, reboot, and tray icons freeze. Therefore, it would not hurt to update Windows 10... And personally, I think that all the same we are waiting for a large-scale update of the operating system than the new Windows 11.

The reasons are that there are still many problems with the current version, and when the new, 11th version is released, there will be no problems? Very unlikely. As a rule, software designed for a wide audience collects statistics for years, tests bugs and fixes them.

And yet they can appear at any moment. And somehow it is not the time to release the 11th version in the year of a strong shortage of chips and a total rise in the price of computer equipment.

After all, the release of a new operating system has always increased the system requirements of the computer for it. And personally, in my opinion, if version 11 of Windows is suddenly released now, it will most likely be another transitional rudiment, as it was with Windows Vista and Windows 8.

I remember the first version of Windows 10, which just came out and was not very stable. In those years, she was even worse than 8. Problems and various "glitches" in the system were eliminated only with updates. Now 10 is almost the ideal of all versions of Windows, but there are still some unfinished moments in it.

Therefore, I believe that the release of Windows 11 at a time when the 10 is unfinished will be a mistake.

And most likely, there will be just a big large-scale update of the 10 version of Windows. As it was before with Windows XP, to which various "service packs" were released.

Personally, I would not want a new 11 version of the system to come out, if the previous one has not yet been fully brought to mind.

However, it should be understood that the company needs to earn money and they cannot release a paid update for the 10th, and if they release the 11th, they will be able to make good money on this. Well, time will tell - we can only think and guess. Many will say that Windows 8 was quickly shut down... Yes, but the philosophy of 8 was exclusively built on the fact that it is used in mobile devices (tablets) and computers. But unsuccessful.

And what do you think? Write in the comments.

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