Why are 5 million people in 2021 using Windows XP, which is already three times outdated? Understanding

I have fond memories of Windows XP after suffering with Windows Me and Windows Vista, which I called "Windows hangs." An XP-shka came out, so all tender, cartoonish, just like a woman! Naturally, all this cartoonishness of windows greatly ate up computer resources, which were already few.

All windows in Windows XP were rounded, graphical
All windows in Windows XP were rounded, graphical
All windows in Windows XP were rounded, graphical

But this was not a problem either - all these graphics were disabled and XP acquired a classic (from Windows 95) appearance.

Yes, it was a breakthrough. However, 8 years later, an operating system appeared much cooler than XP - Windows 7. It can be called the standard of Microsoft stability in those years. Then the unsuccessful 8, and finally 10. It turns out that XP has already become obsolete three times.

But if you look at the statistics of the Internet, 4,640,742 people use Windows XP every month!

Moreover, these are statistics from Maillru, which is taken only from those sites that have a counter of the same name.

Why does Windows XP appeal to people in 2021?

In principle, it can be used. You just need to choose a browser version that will not slow down, but at the same time will adequately display sites. For 15 years, web building technologies have gone far up, so the browser of those years will not work, and the modern one will slow down (if it is installed at all).

Well, those programs that worked then (if they are not updated directly from the network) will work now. However, it is unclear, even if there is no money for a new computer, then you can easily buy a system unit for a couple of thousand for a couple of thousand, which will easily pull Windows 7 or even 10. Maybe they don't know about it?

Yes, of course there are amateurs who like it. Nostalgia, but I don't think there are so many of them, although judging by the above counter, 671 thousand people go online through a Windows Vista computer? Okay, still without the Internet, but it is not clear. I am inclined that this is done by those who do not know that it is possible to buy a computer from their hands or some very poor countries.

However, Windows XP will not die. She will live for a long time in the following areas:

- The banking sector. I called my friend who works at a little-known bank. All their ATMs run on Windows XP and they won't change anything. Unless the program was updated and an NFC module was added for contactless payments. Everything suits me. Naturally, the XP in the ATM will be highly customized and not so easy to hack.

- XP had quite good support for games from the past that are still running under MS DOS. Therefore, many gamers use it: unfortunately, in order to play ancient games on a 10-key, you sometimes need to “dance with a tambourine” for a long time. Recently I played Fallout 2 under 10k, I did not launch it the first time, and still caught rudiments in the form of graphics glitches and freezes.

- In enterprises, factories and in medicine. But what can I say, I somehow did wheel balancing: they had an ancient computer with a program for Windows 3.11.

And they are not going to change, everything suits. The program is reliable and stable, just like the equipment of those years. Many good programs (and most importantly free ones) are still doing their job and they are not afraid of any viruses.

I also saw an ultrasound machine on sale, which generally worked on Windows 95 (connected to the COM port of a PC). By the way, it cost about 50 thousand rubles!

- Hackers will not look for any new vulnerabilities in Windows XP, so there is no risk of infecting the system with new viruses. And the old ones have already been studied and the antivirus will help with this.

Well, as they say - an old horse will not spoil the furrow. However, it should be understood that on XP, most modern programs may not even start or work incorrectly and you can use this operating system only for the sake of receiving sweet notes of nostalgia (do not forget to include the notes squeak dialup modem :))

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