How to remove weather and news from the taskbar in Windows 10

The latest Windows 10 update brought another oddity - the weather began to show me right on the taskbar:

Moreover, it really shows the weather underestimated by at least 2 degrees Celsius.

But if you click on this weather, a separate window will open:

In fact, the idea is quite convenient for itself, but it requires a Microsoft account and often freezes altogether. Moreover, all the news goes through the official MSN website and is sometimes so irrelevant...

Personally, I decided to turn off this business at home - I advise you too.

Why should I constantly stare at the weather? I can watch it in the morning or even in the evening - it is unlikely that it will change. It seems that this Windows update is out for airports or for those who really care about watching the weather live.

How to turn off weather and news in Windows 10?

Everything is very simple. Right-click on the taskbar:

And in the "News and Interests" section, select "Disable". Everything, this useless function will not bother us anymore. For from widgets of various kinds in Windows, only the computer slows down.

By the way! If you have an account on the MSN portal, then you can configure the window of interests directly on the site and it will be shown on Windows. But I think this feature is more for English-speaking Internet users, because the MSN portal is more tailored for a different audience and all the news shown to me is the same.

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