Robots are being introduced into all spheres. What problems await us from neural networks - pros and cons

Every year the so-called neural networks (they are also robots) are tightly embedded in almost all areas.

A few more years will pass and many professions will simply disappear: accountants, extras, notaries, cashiers, proofreaders, copywriters (people already predominantly prefer watching videos than reading)... The list is huge, but what can we say: as studies of analysts (often also robots) show, in 30 years there will be self-driving cars. Honestly - I get bored, although I am enthusiastic about technical progress.

Did you find out who is on the monitor? Write in the comments!
Did you find out who is on the monitor? Write in the comments!
Did you find out who is on the monitor? Write in the comments!

Let's objectively - without any tales about chipping and irradiation. What will happen when robots penetrate absolutely all areas?

Let's start with the pros.

- Zero bureaucracy. Zero queues. All appeals to various structures (both government and commercial) will be via the Internet. And if the expectation is not provided for by the law, then the result will be instantaneous;

- Lack of bribes. The robot will not take bribes if it is not determined to receive them. He himself cannot, if only programmed. Therefore, they will not be. Also a plus sign;

- There is no human factor. Robots are not wrong. With rare exceptions, and even if they made a mistake, the people who programmed (created) them are to blame. Hence, the safety (for example, in production) and the quality of all work will increase;

- Economic indicators will improve. Why do you need to keep a staff of accountants, managers, when a neural network will cope with the whole task, which will sort out all the options and itself will manage the entire economy?

You can still find many pluses, but minuses hit society much more painfully. So.

1. Many people will lose their jobs and the distance between rich and poor will increase. Of course, there will be no riot, because it will not happen immediately. But if you dream about what will happen next, it becomes bad - there will be no working specialties in 100 years, if a person is not given to work with his head, then what will he live on?

2. The neural network lacks human feelings. If officials can go to a meeting (for example, not to evict a debtor mother with many children), then the neural network will no longer go to a meeting. She will not let the stowaway in the transport, despite the fact that it is -40 on the street and this is the last bus somewhere in the wilderness.

3. Bugs and hacker attacks can be dangerous. But what can we say, if a hacker from the USSR could hack AvtoVAZ back in 1982, what will happen if a hacker attack touches, for example, oil production? After all, there will be no workers there, and in the event of a software failure, the robots will break themselves (for example, they will apply maximum voltage to the mechanisms, which will disable them).

4. There will be much fewer small entrepreneurs due to the fact that the labor of robots is much cheaper than the labor of an artisan. And this has already happened in history at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

When the machines drove the workers out of the factories. But there everything happened in one moment, and now gradually.

And if there is nowhere to work, what will happen? Here you can fantasize a little. Who will be rich? IT specialists, programmers? They will buy country villas and yachts for themselves, and ordinary people will go to their service. Well, at least until there are already humanoid robots who will themselves build villas-yachts for them. But this is still just a fantasy.

Video in the topic:

Well, the most important question that readers constantly ask me is: "Can robots harm a person if they want to?" Not. It should be understood that any neural network is actually dumber than a cat. It works exclusively according to the program and markup given to it.

She cannot think independently based on any feelings. Only according to the algorithm, taking into account the data operated by it. Is this good or bad? Alas, you cannot turn away from progress. If everything goes to this, then this is how humanity needs it.

Thanks for reading!

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