Who can hope for "Free Gas Connection"? Alas, not for everyone. Gazprom explains who was lucky and who stayed "with their own"

Loudly promised, often after a while quietly and without fanfare gets better. Clarifications and clarifications are introduced, which greatly change everything. And suddenly it turns out that not all, but some. And not completely free, but only partially. We study who is lucky and who will remain "with their own people".

For the first time, they started talking about it a year ago. After Putin's meeting with Miller. Then the head of Gazprom proposed to make the connection to gas free for citizens.

At first I was upset, by that time we had already made an advance payment for the pipe, but remembering that "they are waiting for the promised three years," I calmed down. As a result, by the end of the year we got gas. For money, of course.

The president and the head of Gazprom are discussing the gasification of the village of Gadyukino. Photo cont.ws
The president and the head of Gazprom are discussing the gasification of the village of Gadyukino. Photo cont.ws
The president and the head of Gazprom are discussing the gasification of the village of Gadyukino. Photo cont.ws

The topic surfaced again a year later, after the president addressed the federal assembly. The good news spread around Russia: "

Gas connection will be free!". The internet exploded with headlines "Putin promised free gas connection!".

Even then, I was surprised at the naivety of the people, who so inattentively listens to what they say. The president did not mention any "free connection". And he didn’t promise. I even wrote article, where he said that there is nothing to be especially happy about. The foregoing only means some possible reduction in the cost of connection, there is no talk of any free of charge. It turned out to be even more interesting.

Yesterday, the representative of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz, Mr. Sergey Gustov, formally clarified, whateven partially "free" connection will be not for everyone, but only for "small houses".

What was meant and who can really count on a "free" connection, and who can not?

Free only up to this place. Further - we pay ourselves
Free only up to this place. Further - we pay ourselves

As I expected, what was promised means that if earlier Gazprom laid only the main pipe, and the local authorities were engaged in the wiring in the settlement, who never had money for it, then now Gazprom will deal with everything itself. Not asking for money for work.

That is, they entered the settlement, walked along the street, made bends to the houses once, asphalted, made landscaping, - promised Gustov.

Asphalted? Wow! Can we just asphalt and landscaping? Without a pipe? ツ

It is wonderful. There is nothing to even argue with. At the very least, this will speed up gasification: after all, Gazprom has more money than the administration of the village of Gadyukino.

But once again I draw your attention - they will drag the pipe, as promised, just to the border of your site. Make bends to houses. Further, as now - herself, herself, herself... It is officially and directly said that "The consumer must already pay for the construction of networks within the site himself."

We paid 126,850 for this wiring. We were lucky, and many had to pay for the pipe before the fence. A lot of money. Tie-in right, pipe, project... All this also translates into additional hundreds of thousands.

And so Gazprom declares that from now on for this you won't have to pay. Hallujah! Let's take a close look at whether it is worth rejoicing specifically for you? Even before the fence, the pipe will be dragged far away for free not everyone.

Open up! We want to pay for the connection.
Open up! We want to pay for the connection.

Firstly, only those with the maximum hourly gas consumption can count on it does not exceed 7 cubic meters. This is encouraging, since this is quite enough for the vast majority of consumers. This is enough for almost any of us. For example, 5 cubic meters is enough for our house.

Who needs more, since they have a mansion of a thousand squares, I think they will not shed and pay for the pipe.

But don't be in a hurry to be glad that you don't need much gas. There is one more limitation. And this is much more serious.

Gas meter
Gas meter

Secondly, the pipe will reach your site is free only if from the main pipe to your fence no more than 200 meters. If 210 - we apologize, you are not entitled to. Lucky only for those who have the main pipe going along their street. If next door - options are possible.

Let's hope that Gazprom will still drag its nets all over the streets.

In general, as expected, not everything is as beautiful as the headlines shouted. The pipe will be, but not free, but only slightly cheaper. And not for everyone.

Wasn't this what our Vladimir Vladimirovich was talking about when he warned that they could do what they promised "add commas to nullify everything"? Was Chernomyrdin right? We wanted the best, but it turned out as always?

Although, it's too early to grumble, maybe almost everyone will be lucky? Let's wait until the program is launched, and then we will discuss the result. It remains to wait quite a bit.

Do you think you're lucky? Are you waiting for the pipe at your fence? In any case, cook the "cutlet" thicker. From the fence to the house, you only have to rely on yourself.

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