Heat. We put the pool on and save 3000 rubles on the "heating lid". Why pay if it's easy to do it yourself?

It is good for those who live by the sea or river, but what about those who do not have a reservoir near the site? The pool helps out. There is only one "But": during the night the water has time to cool down. And I would like to warm it up as quickly as possible. And this is not as difficult as it seems.

This year, summer in the Urals came somehow quite unexpectedly. It's been hot for several weeks now, and not a cloud in the sky. We, the Ural mountaineers, are completely unaccustomed to this. Some kind of Africa.

There was little hope for the blooming of the bird cherry: everyone knows how the bird cherry cools the weather. True, this year everything is not so, + 30 ° and blooming bird cherry under the blinding sun.

On Friday, the Chief Architect delivered an ultimatum, - I can't do this anymore and refuse to do something on the site until there is a pool. Otherwise, I'll just die.

We have a pool, we were lucky a couple of years ago to buy a small inflatable one at a sale, a little less than 5 meters in diameter.

For 2800 rubles. They wanted to buy a couple, in reserve, but there were no more. Well, never mind, one is good too.

Last year
Last year

The pool is far from young, it has already suffered two seasons. The old man has quite a fighting appearance, although life, in the face of his wife, and inflicted several wounds on him. Which I carefully "treated" with patches every time.

Wounds on the veteran's body
Wounds on the veteran's body

The patches are a good thing, I can stick them on as long as you want, but what really suffered is the cover. Under the scorching rays of ultraviolet radiation, it quickly collapsed. And that's the problem. Without a lid, water instantly picks up all kinds of flying dirt.

I opened the internet and started searching. The most inexpensive thing I found was 1,400 rubles. Half the cost of the pool. Well, yes, there is nothing to do, without a cover in any way. The store is very close and I decided to take a walk. As is usually the case, advertising has a cover, but not in life.

- Maybe it will appear in two weeks.
- But I can't wait, I need today.
- We have a special "heating cover". True, it is more expensive. 3300 rubles
- Wow, the pool cost us cheaper. Show, please.

They brought it, unrolled it. I beg of you. Do you know what this is "heating unit"? This is a special transparent canvas that floats on the surface of the water, not allowing the water to cool down. It not only keeps warm, but also "warms up the water".

If a deaf opaque cover does not let the sun's rays through and only a thin upper layer of water heats up, then the transparent one allows the rays to pass inward and reach the bottom. Heating it, and hence the water near it. The pool heats up from below, and not only the thin top layer becomes warm, but all the water. The floating cover does not allow it to cool down. Greenhouse effect. Elementary Watson.

I looked at this "work of art", thanked politely and refused. Am I crazy to pay 3300 for this? For this money I drive a sparrow into the field. I drove to the nearest hardware store, bought a roll of packaging "pimples" for 300 rubles and threw it into the trunk. The only negative is the diameter of the water mirror is 4 meters, and the width of the canvas is only one and a half. We can think of something, tea is not Binom Newton.

I will not tell you how the pool was unfolded and filled. Everything is simple here. By the way, our new "Rodnichok" made me happy, it easily pumped 15 cubic meters of water during the night.

We cut the film into three pieces, folded it into a large square in the clearing and glued it end-to-end with ordinary tape. They covered the pool and my wife cut a circle out of the canvas at the place.

Spread out the pieces
Cropped to fit
Spread out the pieces
Here the main task is to put the lid so that it completely "sticks" to the water and there is no raised edge anywhere. Otherwise, the wind will certainly "crawl" under the film, lift it up and blow it away. It is better to make the circle slightly smaller than the water mirror.

The water collected during the night had a temperature of 4 degrees. Just right for winter swimming. This is definitely not about me. We left the pool under a new cover and went to mow the grass. We were busy for three hours. I will not say that the water became "like fresh milk", but it didn’t burn with cold anymore. True, I did not dare to plunge, but the Chief Architect swam. It turns out that the machine is working!

Not fresh milk, but quite bathable
Not fresh milk, but quite bathable

Have you used a similar "device"? Or do you like cool water? Tell us.

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