A neighbor joked that I "sucked all the water from his well" through the well. Why do people even dig wells these days?

Some time ago, I discovered an old well on our freshly bought site. And he immediately eliminated it, covering it with soil. Life has shown that I did the right thing. There is no use from the well, only it takes up space. And the neighbor left. And who is right? The other day, nature judged us.

The commentaries often include apologists for the "traditional Russian way of life" praising the delights of the patriarchal village.

Sturdy houses cut from century-old pines with carved platbands, a herd of well-fed cows, slowly wandering under the guidance of a young shepherdess, girls in painted kokoshniks carrying buckets from the well cold water. On the yoke... A fairy tale and nothing more.

No, I have nothing against the cow. A cow is a useful creature, milk is taken from it. And the girl is very useful on the farm. Even without a kokoshnik. But the bucket, the rocker and the well? You can argue with that ...
Good. Blood with condensed milk. Photo 101zabava.club
Good. Blood with condensed milk. Photo 101zabava.club
Good. Blood with condensed milk. Photo 101zabava.club

It is believed that we, the Urals, are a harsh people and accustomed to the cold. Well, I don’t know about the severity, but the fact that the cold is more familiar to us than the heat is for sure. This year everything has turned upside down: the weather is dazzling. Residents of Sochi, just right to envy.

In order to somehow save your body from the scalding sun, it was necessary to hastily install the pool and open the bathing season. They rushed to the dacha in the evening, rolled it around the site, inflated the ring and turned on the pump in the well. He buzzed scaring away the moles, and we went to sleep.

By morning, the bowl was full. And this, for a minute, is about 15 cubic meters of water. Didn't even expect from our vibrating baby.

When the water stopped "pleasantly chilling the skin to goose bumps", the wife opened the bathing season. While the Chief Architect frolicked and splashed in the transparent blue, I armed myself with a wheelbarrow and gradually pulled apart a pile of soil left after digging a caisson. Everyone was doing what they loved.

Chief Architect opens the bathing season
Chief Architect opens the bathing season

For this we were caught by a neighbor from the eastern side who came to the noise. He looked at the pool and grinned.

- Yeah, now I understand where all the water from our well has gone. You sucked it all out.

- What's wrong with your well, Alexey?

- Dry. Remained at the bottom of 200 liters, even the pump does not "catch".

I was delighted with the opportunity to take some time off from work and went to visit a neighbor. There really is almost no water left in the well. So, 10 centimeters at the bottom. Before that, the level was more than a meter.

There is no well on our site, but there are two whole wells: the old one, which we got with the house, 20 meters deep and the new one, thirty meters deep. We use the old one for technical purposes, although there is no difference in water quality, and we take the drinking water from the deep. The new one is closed with a sealed head, and the old one is just a cover.

I went down into the caisson and looked inside the well. In reality, the water level has dropped dramatically. By the meter - for sure.

I'm in the caisson. Checking the well
I'm in the caisson. Checking the well

Here is a simple and obvious advantage of a well over a well. One month of heat without rain is enough and it is no longer possible to get water from the well. Has dried up. And at least henna in the well. Well, the level dropped a little, the remaining water is quite enough to pump 15 cubic meters overnight.

The question is, why bother with a well at all? I don’t think its digging is cheaper than drilling a well. And the water there and there is the same. In that case, why is a well? Only the place on the site takes. Maybe someone knows?

Still, I did the right thing that I did not begin to clean and improve the old well, as my acquaintances suggested. They say the well is so romantic. Or maybe I don't understand something?

Are there owners of wells among the readers? Why didn't you start drilling the well? Maybe I'm wrong, but the water from the well has a unique taste and magical properties?

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