As we "twisted" the tick from the infusor with a spoon. Spoon and nail file. Checked on Boriska

Besides warmth and sun, summer brings problems. One of which is ixodid ticks. Of which there are unexpectedly many. They dig in. bastards. I even had to "develop" an extraction tool.

Once upon a time, Alexander Sergeevich wrote:

Oh, summer is red! I would love you
If not for the heat, yes dust, yes mosquitoes, yes flies

And there is. And the heat, and dust, and flies...

Why did the poet, besides mosquitoes, not mention ticks? Perhaps there weren't so many of them? I do not know. Maybe they didn't fit the rhyme?

In my childhood, everyone knew about ticks, but I never had to face them. I have never seen it alive. For the first time, I discovered an ingested tick already in adulthood. Removed by ambulance doctors.

To be on the safe side, I process the site every year. The number of villains has become much smaller and it is necessary to shoot only from our Boriska, to whom it is impossible to explain that it is necessary to walk only through the cultivated area. He always climbs wherever he gets and regularly drags them on himself. We have to extract.

  • The tick is so firmly "anchored" in the skin that it is completely useless to pull it: you would rather tear off its head, which will remain in the wound, continuing to emit malicious viruses.
  • And second, you need to remove it as carefully as possible, in no case squeezing. To prevent the contents of his body from entering the victim's body. Again, adding to the chances of getting sick.
It is best to consult a doctor, but, alas, you will not always find him in the forest: I had to study the issue and learn to "pick out" these reptiles myself from it correctly. Using materials at hand.

No sooner had the month of May come than Boriska again brought three of them. This time, I decided to try to get it not with a thread as before, but in a different way. A special "tool".

The starting material was an ordinary disposable plastic spoon ...

Plain plastic spoon
Plain plastic spoon

I made a small slot in it. Narrow. Wide enough to allow the tick's head to pass, but not narrow enough to allow the tick to pass. I cut it with scissors and slightly expanded it with a nail file. What other tool can be found in the field?

We make a narrow slot.
We make a narrow slot.

It's a matter of a minute. As a result, we got a small fork. Parasite extraction tool.

Tick ​​extraction fork
Tick ​​extraction fork

The photographs you see are "reconstruction of events". Filmed in a city kitchen. Unfortunately, it was not possible to film the process: my wife held Boriska, and I wielded a spoon. There was no one to photograph. But the process itself is very simple, I'll try to draw it schematically.

Tick ​​extraction scheme
Tick ​​extraction scheme

Gently picked up the tick with a "fork", trying not to pull. And then he gently turned the spoon parallel to the skin until it "twisted". Takes a few seconds. The tick can be removed easily and safely.

I read that there are special factory forks for extraction. I read what I read, but I never bothered to buy it. And as always "invented the bicycle".

Even if you yourself and safely removed the tick, this does not mean that the issue has been resolved. In any case, you must definitely consult a doctor!

We arrived home and immediately took Boriska to the vet. She examined, felt, measured the temperature in an interesting place and said that everything was fine, but ordered to observe. We are watching.

Boriska being examined by a doctor. The view is completely unhappy
Boriska being examined by a doctor. The view is completely unhappy

Have you met ticks? How did you solve the issue? How was it removed? They say there are many methods.

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