We need gasification not free, but affordable. Who "drives up prices" for connection? Who is to blame and what to do? I know that

Endless forests, deep seas, high mountains and wide steppes - the ancestors, bit by bit, collected an excellent country for us. Russia is a huge country. Russia is the richest country. Gold and diamonds, oil and gas, non-ferrous and black-and-white metals, animals and birds, fish and other marine reptiles... What is there only in our Russia.

It would seem to live and rejoice. What more could you want? But something is constantly getting in the way. Or someone? Why, in such a richest country supplying gas to half of the planet, the issue of gasification has not yet been resolved?

Do you think that only you and me, ordinary people, are interested in this question? I assure you - not only. A year ago, at a meeting with the president, a certain gentleman named Miller proposed a program of "free gasification of the country."

And not because he is asleep and sees how to help the people, but for a much more materialistic reason - this is trite profitable. It is profitable not to drive gas thousands of kilometers through forests and seas, but to sell it on the spot. Guaranteed and risk-free.

And now a year has passed. The program was officially announced from a high rostrum. It would seem that we should rejoice and dance in circles - finally, we can forget about wood, demolish the stove and put a gas boiler in which a blue flame will hum?

Miller talks about how to gasify the country. Photo cont.ws
Miller talks about how to gasify the country. Photo cont.ws

I have already written that it is too early to rejoice. That Gazprom is certainly a great fellow and will make its pipe to our house. But alas, only up to the fence. And then, as Mikhalkov's character from the movie "Station for Two" said - By herself, by herself, by herself ...

And here the fun begins. Readers flooded me with comments that gas workers are not so easy to give up earnings. Say, everything that Gazprom spends on a free pipe to the fence, it will more than take for the remaining few meters.

They say that sometimes the last 3 meters become truly golden and cost half a million. And even more expensive. The people are indignant and accuse the Property of Russia of greed.

What is the use of pulling the pipe to the fence for free if the "last meter" costs so much that it will remain standing with the tap closed? Well, there is nowhere for the average citizen of the country to take a few hundred thousand for the remaining meter. This program will not work, everything will remain the same.

Digging a ditch for the "last meter". At your own expense
Digging a ditch for the "last meter". At your own expense

Wait, don't rush into accusations. As much as we would not like to blame the "natural monopolist" for everything, but he, no matter how strange it sounds, it has nothing to do with it. And who has what to do with it? Who is this terrible villain squeezing the last penny out of the population? Who nullifies all initiatives and prevents the country from truly gasifying?

The point is that it is not Gazprom that deals with this "golden meter".

When we just started our epic of connecting a house to a pipe, local gas workers immediately warned us that they were not dealing with this issue. Their task is to weld your pipe to theirs and open the tap. They don't even design. - And what to do? Who will do it?- we asked. - Private traders. Contact them, there are many of them., - answered us.

Have arrived.

Where there are private traders, prices are "set by the market." And where there is a market, there the price grows as long as you and I are able to pay. And as long as we are able, it will grow. Nothing can be done here. No government can force me to take less for work than I want and can. As long as I pay my taxes, of course.

Dead end? Can't you do anything?

Can. If the state said "A", it must also say "B". If the state cannot dictate prices to the private trader, it must solve the problem itself. And solving it is not as difficult as it seems. Moreover, within the framework of "market relations".

We pay for connection
We pay for connection

All in all, it is necessary that Gazprom does not stop at the border of the site. It is necessary that he was engaged in "turnkey connection". Not for free! But at prices controlled by the state. As is done by electricians whose appetites are limited by the REC.

I will never believe that gas workers will be able to justify the price of the "last meter" at a million rubles with reasonable arguments. And I won't believe in half a million. But 50-100 thousand - I think they will be able to.

And there will be no need to "bend" anyone on the price. The consumer will always have a choice to contact a private owner or a government office. Working for minimum profitability. And maybe even with government subsidies.

In the end, the task that she will solve is paramount. What is the use of pumping money into the supply of gas to a populated area, if the pipe remains unclaimed? Consider, you threw your money down the drain. And much larger than the possible small subsidies, which will more than pay off with additional gas sales at the retail price.

Some will say - What are you calling for? Give up the conquests of capitalism? Revolutionary?

And I will answer you, - If in this part capitalism is worse than socialism, and interferes with the solution of the issue, then of course it must be abandoned in this part. It's not worth it if it interferes with gasification. Said "A", say "B".

If you were told that the connection costs 1000 rubles per meter plus 50 thousand, what would you answer? Would you agree?

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