How WhatsApp annoys people and how to communicate culturally in it

Oh, this is modern Internet communication. Frankly, I probably would not have divorced my wife for a long time: all our quarrels were exclusively in the form of correspondence in instant messengers and on social networks, in those moments when we did not see each other.

In general, Internet communication is evil. We can say words to each other that we would never say to our eyes - the Internet sometimes erases all barriers.

Therefore, it is important to be able to communicate correctly and culturally with your interlocutors in messengers and social networks. So.

How WhatsApp annoys people and how to communicate culturally in it

1. Voice messages

They are handy if you cannot type. But they are sometimes inconvenient for those who have to listen to them. After all, the text is more capacious, and in voice messages people also add emotional coloring, as well as "... eekan", "... backing", "... macking".

In addition, it is difficult to find the necessary information in a voice message - you need to listen to each one. Therefore, check with the interlocutor whether it is convenient for him to listen to your voice messages or whether it is better to write in text. Also, do not send voice messages immediately to a stranger with whom you just want to start a conversation.

2. Sending messages with attachments

Many people like to send various GIFs, videos and other pictures for each occasion. Check with your interlocutor - does he want to receive such information in the messenger?

And imagine that if it were not for the Internet, you would go to your neighbor every day with a paper postcard on which it would be written "Good morning, neighbor!". If WhatsApp is configured incorrectly, all these attachments clog up memory, and also consume traffic both for you and for the one who needs to view them.

3. Calls to instant messengers or social networks

Before making a call via the Internet, it is advisable to check with the interlocutor whether he is ready to answer your call. The fact is that the Internet is not always stable and the call will be interrupted.

You should also not call unknown subscribers to messengers or social networks. Better write. Anyway, in the age of the Internet, it is better to write messages than to call.

4. Smilies and emojis

I have one friend who is actively sending 20 smiles. This can be annoying too. Remember that good for one person may be bad for another. If you are already so used to sending 20 smiles to your interlocutor, then clarify: "Aren't I sending you a lot of smiles?"

5. Look at the clock

Remember that there are a lot of time zones in our country. I live in Siberia and I have a +4 hour shift from Moscow. Yes, of course I live at night, but still, sometimes at 10 pm Moscow time, I receive a message from the customer “Let's discuss the project!”. And the fact that I have already one in the morning and I have no time to talk, he doesn't know. Also early - many people think that you can write SMS and messenger around the clock, but it is ugly to call at 7 am. But you should not write to messengers in the morning, and suddenly the sound will wake up the interlocutor

It is also worthwhile to understand that even if a person reads your message (corresponding checkmarks appeared

6. Group chats

Respect the people you are talking to in group chats. You shouldn't send voice messages to them at all, and you shouldn't divide one large message into many small ones:

Do not do it this way!
Do not do it this way!

This is annoying both in chats and in 1 on 1 correspondence - after all, the interlocutor can not only wait for messages from you, but also be busy with other things, and pop-up notifications can be annoying.

Conversations with loved ones

As I already wrote in the very first paragraph, perhaps I would not have divorced my wife, since we swore exclusively by correspondence when I was at work. If you understand that you quarrel with loved ones more often on the Internet than in real life, then minimize communication with them through instant messengers and social networks.

After all, communication on the Internet erases barriers and frameworks and people sometimes say things to each other that they will never say in real life. Also with strangers: do not be rude and do not be rude. The Internet did not give you such a right!

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