What scammers can do knowing your bank card number

Let's dream a little. Let's say the fraudster found out only your bank card number. What can he do? It is clear that in order to write off your money, he also needs to know the expiration date of the card and the code on the back of the plastic. And what about the number...

1. Knowing, in addition to the card, your contact information, the crooks can make you a real transfer, then call and ask you to return part of the money. Like, we transferred 10,000 rubles to you by mistake, return 9,000 to us, and 1,000 to yourself for worry. And if there is no phone, then they can send you a payment for 1 ruble with a request to urgently call back. An honest person will call back if they see a note.

Tempting offer? Highly. However, in this way, scammers launder money and if you really received someone else's money on the card, and then a request for the return of a part, then go to the bank and write a statement that you do not know the origin of this translation. Or crooks can drag you into a chain of illegal actions. Of course, you will not be punished, but your nerves will shake. With a friend there was such a situation.

2. Set up by card number. My friend had it. His card number was used in the ransomware virus.

He began to receive transfers for allegedly unlocking the computer. Then his K department fumbled long enough and with difficulty he managed to prove that he was not involved in this event, but he was simply framed. By the way, he understood who put him in and betrayed him. Otherwise I would not have proved anything and would have sat down extortion.

3. Selection of the validity period and CVV code. Of course, there is protection against incorrect input. But it all depends on the bank. There is a post on Habré:

That is, the programmer debugged the payment system and entered the wrong CVV 30 times. And there was nothing. By the way, last year I was away and left the card at home. He seemed to remember CVV, but it didn't work. I entered the wrong one 50 times and my card was not blocked.

The likelihood that a swindler will pick up an expiration date and CVV is extremely low, but it has a place to be. Many will say - yes, the SMS code will come. No, literally today I paid for a VPN on a Chinese site and there was no SMS confirmation. After entering the card data, it was debited automatically:

The purchase transaction for 18.83 CNY (212 rubles) was completed without SMS confirmation. I entered only card details
The purchase transaction for 18.83 CNY (212 rubles) was completed without SMS confirmation. I entered only card details

Also, by the card number through the SMS bank, you can find out the name and patronymic of the owner (if the transfer is carried out within the same bank).

4. Your card can be blocked by calling the bank.

Yes, in theory for this you need to know the code word and the name of the owner. However, I had a case when I was with a bad connection (on the train) and realized that the debits started from my bank card. I sent an SMS to a friend who knew only my name, he called the bank and the card was blocked. By the way, temporarily. However, it can cause discomfort and temporary difficulties.

There was another case: the attackers blocked a friend's card, having previously sent a bunch of small transfers to it (literally 1 ruble each). Then they called the bank and said that the card was being used by fraudsters. Well, the bank blocked it.

Another situation: a fraudster deceives Vasya, who is ready to make him a payment for something. Immediately, the fraudster processes Petya, from whom he wants to buy something. The fraudster takes Petya's card number and gives it to Vasya, Vasya pays to Petya's card, and the Fraudster takes the goods from Petya. Then where will they come? To Petka! And he has nothing to do with it! He honestly bought the product.

What's the conclusion?

1. For online payments, use a virtual bank card (you can get it from your bank or online wallets). You can issue such a card in 1 minute and close it also in 1 minute.

2. If you buy something from someone (for example, on an ad site), then it is better to pay through that site (as an intermediary). It will be much safer this way.

Have you had any problems with your bank card? Write in the comments.

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