I made jet watering at their summer cottage from plastic bottles, like those of my neighbors

Before, I always threw out empty plastic bottles, but now I have a separate box where they are stored. Apparently, this comes with age: I'm only 39, and I already store bottles😉

The device, which I will tell you about today, is really useful, interesting and easy to make. My neighbor is not directly overjoyed with this invention, but for a minute, she is almost 65 years old.

So, we need any plastic container. If there is nothing suitable at hand, you can buy a bottle of water or kvass at the nearest store. At such moments I go to Dixie - I always find there what I came for.

Let's take a piece of paper in the box.

We put PVA glue on the bottle and glue the sheet.

Now we need to make holes - I used a soldering iron, but you can get by with a regular needle or pin. The smaller the hole, the better.

We cut off this part from the medical syringe.

We make a hole in the lid for the diameter of the syringe - a stepped drill is suitable here. If it is not there, you can cut it out with a knife - anyway, then we will fix it with glue.

It should look something like this.

We connect the hose through the adapter and get the result.

Even without pressure in the pipe, the radius of coverage of such irrigation is about 6 meters.

Summer is ahead - I hope that such a device will help some of you organize convenient watering in the country. Good luck!

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