Gave the boys' dream 80s cassette player "Saturn-401"

I honestly did not expect such a pleasant gift, especially in our province. I was sure that they simply did not reach our stores. As soon as I took it in my hands, a curious boy immediately woke up in me, wanting to take everything apart to the cogs and understand how it works.

We learned about the appearance of the first cassette players from the catalogs of the early 80s, which were brought from foreign business trips.

To be honest, neither me nor my friends were impressed by the player then: why the hell to listen to music alone in headphones? but what about friends? what is this selfishness? Whether it’s tape recorders and radio tape recorders: turned it on to the fullest and the whole district listens to your disco album composed of the latest foreign hits.

However, schoolchildren and students had a different opinion - they wanted to entertain themselves in boring lessons and events. So they enthusiastically took this news and dreamed of such a compact tape recorder.

The Soviet industry, surprisingly quickly responded to the emergence of a new class of cassette tape recorders: already in 1982, the Zelenograd Precision Engineering Plant began to produce players


Why haven't we seen them on sale? And you calculate how many pieces must be produced per month to provide a country with a population of 300 million people. If only a dozen factories will produce a dozen years, only then they will be free on the counter. Such is the arithmetic.

The rest of the USSR factories began to produce players and mini tape recorders only in the mid-80s. There was already an assortment to choose from

In 1987, in the magazine "New goods" there was a note about the new development of constructors player "Saturn" from "ASA"-this is what the doctor ordered!

You can even listen to one in headphones, or you can insert the player into the set of an active speaker system - a mini stereo complex is already ready.

This kit began to be produced in 1988 at the Omsk Radio Plant under the brand name "Saturn-MS". Later the name was changed to "Saturn 401C".A VHF radio was also produced in a similar case under the brand name "Saturn-T-201S".

The player with active speakers that was presented to me was released in March 1990. Unlike earlier releases, it has one detachable column. The length of the cord allows the speakers to be separated by 1.2 meters.

Unfortunately, there is no power supply unit. However, this is easily replaced by a 18650 + finger-type battery with a 9 volt converter. You can even supply all 12 volts to the active speakers, there are UN7 microcircuits, let them swing by a couple of watts.

Power supply cord connector specific

I had to solder the wires and so apply the voltage. There is a hiss in the speakers and a motor is spinning in the player. So the apparatus is alive, everything else can be cured really.

I was worried that the belts had crumbled (or smeared) in 30 years, but they were in perfect order.

P2K rewind and play switches
P2K rewind and play switches

A player with an active speaker system cost 198 rubles, which is one and a half of my salary in those years. Of course, I could have bought with money from the Kalyms, but I have never seen it on sale.

Serial number of my machine 14703. Something is very small for two years of release... I can't even believe that I am the lucky owner of a copy from such a small batch.

The tape drive mechanism is arranged very interestingly - the secrets of its design have yet to be dealt with. I will do full prophylaxis and will definitely share a photo report. Well, for starters, all the details of the case will go to take a bath, and I will drink coffee)

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