How to know if you are getting a chip during an injection

A subscriber asked me an interesting question here:

- I read all sorts of horrors! I'm afraid to go to injections now! What if they introduce this chip to me! IT specialist, convince me...

Yes, chipping is an interesting topic and is widely used in veterinary medicine. The animals are injected with a special RFID tag, which contains information from the veterinary passport. The animal was lost, someone found it, brought it to the veterinary hospital, scanned the chip and found the owner, and also learned about the problems and diseases.

Chipping of animals is also actively used in agriculture - yes, they count cows after walking (this is not a joke). Well, in the RFID tag, you can write a fairly decent amount of information.

And in connection with vaccination, someone made a stuffing that they say this is not vaccination, but chipping. World conspiracy! That Bill Gates was going to microchip the population in this way, to make Windows run faster.

Naturally, all this is sheer nonsense - no one will chip anyone!

But rumors sometimes scare people much more than the real facts.

Yes, there are organizations that produce chips for people and, in principle, a chip can be bought and inserted inside. There is even a YouTube channel called "The Chipped Diary", where a person implants a chip into himself, and also talks in more detail about what it is.

How do you know if you are being chipped during any manipulations in the treatment room?

Everything is very simple. Just look at the needle in the nurse's hands.

The chipping needle has a large diameter and is immediately visible. A conventional injection needle is no more than 1 mm in diameter, and a chipping needle is more than 2 millimeters. The syringe is also different.

Well, the sensations will naturally be different.

On the left near the needle are RFID chips.
On the left near the needle are RFID chips.

Well, the chipping process goes something like this:


So don't be afraid. Nobody chips anyone! Plus, the chip is felt and can be felt physically!

How is it there? I'm not afraid of injections! Photo:
How is it there? I'm not afraid of injections! Photo:

How do you know if you are being chipped? Let's dream up.

1. An unusual needle. It is 2 times more than an intramuscular needle.

2. Unusual sensation during injection.

3. A foreign body is clearly felt at the injection site (not to be confused with edema or an allergic reaction.

But I repeat: no one is going to chip anyone. These are all just bikes created by people far from technology. I remember how they were afraid of the INN number, how they were afraid of Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G and other innovations.

But what can I say - I have a neighbor, a sweet friendly granny. And as I get a smartphone with her - so she "take it away, do not irradiate me"... Well, take it and tell me that the intercom, when it reads the RFID tag, also irradiates... Now she is waiting for someone to open the door for her. And why did he say? I'm sorry. Now do not convince. Thanks for reading.

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