I decided to put myself the Internet through fiber optic: the installer brought down the wall and fled. I had to fix it myself

Since I conduct live broadcasts and sometimes I do not have enough Internet speed, or rather a stable signal, I decided to run the fiber directly into my apartment. And then I came across an ad saying that the Internet is so cheap... True, the provider was not specified, we have a lot of them, and it didn't matter: the line was drawn in my presence, it is one.

At the appointed time, a young lad came. After examining the place and the entrance to the apartment, he said:

- We will drill!

For all my attempts to explain that I have a cable duct that is normally suitable for fiber optic wires (I myself understand a little about this), he flatly refused to "poke around in this" and clear the mine, and "the corner is not that one. " In general, while I was working in the kitchen, he was already running into the car for a hammer drill, and after 10 minutes I only heard a terrible rumble.

This was the picture:

Here's a general plan.

Well, I looked at his drill. Of course, I'm not an expert in construction, but in my opinion, with the drill that he drilled, the installers break through the concrete ceilings in the attic when they pull the wires for the Internet.

I don't have any photos as before, but from another floor like this:

Ie it is quite civilized. The lid was smoother.
Ie it is quite civilized. The lid was smoother.

What did the installer do? He got scared and said that he would go right now for the materials and would do everything. He left. And he didn’t come. And the provider generally told me that they had a separate individual entrepreneur or self-employed installer, they gave his number (which was in the ad) and that's it.

That friend fed breakfast for a month, and then completely changed his number. And the provider... said that there was no request from me at all and at this address there is no technical possibility to conduct optical fiber to the apartment.

In general, we decided to do everything ourselves with our neighbor. I did not find any bricks for sale, only a pallet. I had to use the old ones:

We did it as best we can.
We did it as best we can.
A bit better?
A bit better?

I'm happy!

What do I want to say? Now is a difficult time for contractors who also hire a subcontractor and a bunch of different virtual providers. It's like taxi aggregators - they only provide information services. You will not find the ends. Record all conversations on your smartphone, so that you will not be told later that "you have not received an application." I will not say the name of the Internet provider here, I wrote them a pre-trial claim so far with a request to compensate for the 900 rubles spent on materials and 5000 rubles of my time, which I spent. We'll see.

So far, I stayed on a regular cable, replaced the Wi-Fi router with a more modern one, and broadcasts began to pull normally.

Oh yes, we still need to put the door. I'm going to put it :)

And I still do not understand the position of the installer. Everything could be completed in a couple of hours. Why did he do this?

Thanks for reading!

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