Top 3 Reliable American Mechanical Watches

Hello everyone! In this article, I will tell you about three quality watches from American brands that work on mechanics.

American watches, along with Japanese and Swiss watches, are popular and loved all over the world. At the same time, they are distinguished by a wide variety of models for every taste, quality and adequate price.

The selection will include models and designs for every taste and wallet. All brands are well-known and of high quality, which have been engaged in watch production for more than a dozen years.

Hope you like the models I have selected.

Timex TW2T34600IP

The first model from a very old and respected company Timex, which was founded back in 1854. The watch of this brand has been in many films and at one time it was a watch for the elite. But time has passed and now the brand has many models for ordinary citizens.

As for this model, it is the famous gold-plated classic, or rather an update of the legendary Marlin Automatic line from 1960. The watch will look great with any business and office wear.

Mechanism - mechanical self-winding
Housing - steel with gold IP plating
Bracelet / strap - Milanese weave steel with gold IP plating
Water protection - 30WR
Glass - plastic
The size - 40 mm

There is a small date window.


An even older company, which started its activities in Switzerland in 1837. A very reliable and quality brand that can be compared to Japanese Seiko. Moreover, the mechanism here is from Seiko.

Mechanism - mechanical self-winding, Seiko TMI NH35A caliber
Housing - steel
Bracelet / strap - steel
Water protection - 200WR
Glass - mineral
The size - 40 mm

Hands and indices are coated with Tritnite luminescent compound. Since the watch is specifically for swimming, as the name of the Pro Diver series tells us, it has a rotating bezel.

Nautica NAPMBF901

The latter brand does not have ancient roots from the 19th century, but it is also quite old and revered. This is Nautica. The model has a chic design that will appeal to any serious man. The Mission Bay model is called.

Mechanism - mechanical self-winding
Housing - dark IP coated steel
Bracelet / strap - silicone
Water protection - 100WR
Glass - mineral
The size - 46 mm

There is an internal customizable bezel as well as a slide rule. At the same time, there is a small window on the dial through which you can look at the operation of the mechanism.

Thanks for reading to the end!

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