How and what is right to drink in the heat. I conduct an experiment on myself. The result is amazing, albeit logical

Heat, scorching sun, hard work. The clothes are covered with a salty crust and are chafing on the shoulders. The lips are dry and very thirsty. The body requires water. To take a sip of crystal ice water from a spring. To break your teeth...

I conducted an experiment on myself and I can responsibly declare that cold spring water will not help. It will only get worse. What will help? How and with what you need to properly quench your thirst?

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I have said a hundred times that construction is 90% heavy lifting. Whether you want it or not, you constantly have to move some materials from place to place. Bricks, logs, bags, buckets of mortar and other delights.

6 meter log. What could be more beautiful than dragging weights in the heat?
6 meter log. What could be more beautiful than dragging weights in the heat?
6 meter log. What could be more beautiful than dragging weights in the heat?

Those who are engaged in construction know perfectly well that the "most pleasant" thing is to do manual labor in the heat. Under the scorching sun When, it would seem, he took off everything except his own skin, but it's still hot.

The sun is beating down and you want to roll on the grass or splash in the pool, and you, like a damned one, drag a heavy bucket of concrete.

Which he himself just kneaded. Throwing six shovels of rubble, three shovels of cement, nine shovels of sand, and then nine more shovels of rubble.

I am using a shovel and carrying buckets, and the Chief Architect is in charge of the general management of the process and controls the verticality of the installation of the fence posts. Of course, it's easier for her - while I throw the next portion into the concrete mixer, she has time to run to the pool and swim. And what about me? Like a damned one, I throw and carry, throw and carry ...

Chief Architect floats
Chief Architect floats

Very hot. Highly. And I'm constantly thirsty...

Fortunately, a stream of ice water flows out of the hose and while a bucket is being collected for the next batch, you can drink scalding cold water. And then one more time. And then another ...

After I don't remember what approach, I suddenly clearly understand that the water inside me is already splashing and gurgling, and I want to drink more and more. Cold spring water does not quench your thirst at all. Only an extra burden on the kidneys. In addition, it makes your teeth ache and you run the risk of catching a cold..

I remember that in Central Asia aksakals in wadded robes constantly drink green tea from painted bowls. I stop approaching the spring, go into the house and brew tea. Hot tea. I drink a mug and sweat. It's reflexive. I don't feel like drinking, but sweat rolls down from the body. It may be good for cooling, but not work. Sweat floods my eyes. In addition, very quickly everything drunk comes out with sweat. And I'm thirsty again.

Tea is delicious and quenches thirst, but sweat rolls in hail
Tea is delicious and quenches thirst, but sweat rolls in hail

I return to the house again and pour a mug of water that has already cooled down considerably by that time. Better now. Sweat does not pour in hail, thirst is well quenched. I repeat this several times. I must say that the intervals between sets have increased.. Slightly warm boiled water, oddly enough, quenches thirst better than ice cold water.

Since childhood, I like to drink boiled water. In my opinion, it is much tastier. I think this is due to the fact that during boiling, dissolved gases leave it.

After a while, I suddenly remember that I want to drink in the heat not so much from the loss of water as from the loss of salt that leaves the body with sweat. Salt water leaves, and we compensate for the loss with fresh water. We only drink to make the situation worse. And the body requires more and more.

I start adding a pinch of common salt to each glass. So that the water is slightly brackish. And it immediately becomes much easier.

Thus, it has been experimentally established that physically working in the heat, it is best and most correct to drink non-icy spring water, from which I just want to drink even more, not with hot tea, from which sweat rolls in a hail, but no matter how strange it may sound - slightly lukewarm boiled water with salt.

Boiled - as it is safe from the point of view of microbes. Lukewarm - so as not to cause excessive sweating. And slightly salted - to make up for the loss of salt.

How do you quench your thirst while working in the heat? Maybe there are even more correct options? Will you tell?

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