Let's say an attacker gained access to your social media account. What can he do? And how to protect yourself

Let's dream up. A bad person gets access to your profile on a social network.

You are sleeping sweetly at this time and do not even assume that your profile is "Online" now.

So. Go.

1. Banal blackmail. If your correspondence contains any data that can compromise you, then it can be used against you.

My friend was sending not very decent photos to her friend, and then she received a message from a stranger where her photo was and a request to send 5,000 rubles so that he would not send these photos to friends.

She sent, but he began to ask more and more. As a result, he still sent out the photo and simultaneously shook 15,000 from her.

The photo, by the way, did not impress me, but my friend had to leave altogether.

Any other data can also be used: for example, you wrote your husband (wife) card number, CVV code and expiration date. The crooks will analyze the correspondence and use whatever they can.

2. Requesting a loan on your behalf. The attacker will write to your friend a simple request: “Hello, can you throw 1000 on the card? I'll return it as soon as I get there.

If you have 200 friends, then the likelihood that at least 1 person will throw money at the card is quite high. Naturally, you then have to make excuses or even return the money.

3. Find out your personal data, which is hidden. For example, phone number and address.

4. Do whatever comes into their head on your behalf.

There have been cases when the pages in the social. networks helped crooks take a microloan - very often people save copies of their documents in the social. networks, and microloan offices are also asked to give the address of the page. If all the cards come together, you can also become a debtor.

5. If you are a group / community administrator, then they can take over your community.

6. In case you use the authorization of social networks on other sites, then all related to your social networks can also be hacked. network sites.

In fact, the fantasy is limitless, but here we will stop. Otherwise it will be long and not interesting.

7. Banal distribution of spam on your behalf.

How to protect yourself? 3 easy steps.

1. Indicate a minimum of information about yourself in the questionnaire. Personally, I don't even write my last name. There is no need.

2. Chat with caution - even if you delete the history of the correspondence, this does not mean that the interlocutor will do the same. What if they hack it?

3. Always turn on two-factor authentication: when you log in, you will enter the code from the SMS. Such an account is almost impossible to hack.

Also, on any social network in the settings, look for the activity history: if you see someone else's IP address, then perhaps someone has already gained access to your profile.

Do not enter data from your account on other sites. Check the domain name (vk.com - vkontakte, ok.ru - classmates. No others).

Have you ever been broken? Write in the comments.

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