How to unscrew a self-tapping screw with torn off slots using a soldering iron

Hello everyone! Probably, you are already tired of these monotonous ways of unscrewing self-tapping screws with ripped off slots, which are already full on the Internet! But today I will show a completely new way, which I, at least, have not seen anywhere else.

More recently, I had to deal with such a situation when, when assembling the shower stall, the self-tapping screws fell off and I had to somehow unscrew it from there. I tried different methods, but, as luck would have it, nothing helped.

And then a brilliant idea came to mind, which turned out to be the only correct one. I took a special composition for iron soldering, but you can also use simple soldering acid.

I took a 80W soldering iron with a thick tip - unfortunately, nothing will work without it!

A little soldering liquid has dripped onto the screw head - if there is any dirt on the metal, they must be removed!

Then he took the solder, dropped it on the torn off slots of the self-tapping screw and heated the cap well with a soldering iron. It is better to take a solid solder!

Then he took the bit from the screwdriver, placed its end in the solder and waited until it finally solidifies.

As a result, I got new splines that perfectly fit the edges of the bit.

Now the self-tapping screw can be unscrewed without much difficulty - the problem is solved!

Here is such a simple and affordable way! I hope you liked the idea, and if so, I will be very grateful if you like this article and subscribe to the channel. Write your opinion in the comments, it will be interesting to read! :) And what methods do you know?

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