Bear hunting rifle

Hunting is the most exciting activity for adventure and extreme lovers, because it is a natural sense of a breadwinner that exists in every man. What is the most difficult hunt? There are many options, but bear hunting is the embodiment of solidity, importance and greatness that many people dream of experiencing.

A hunting gun is the most important element for a successful hunt, as a gun is not only a means of catching a bear, but often a guarantee of your safety. It is quite difficult to choose a gun yourself, especially if a person is new in this business and wants to try himself in hunting for a bear, or, which is even more dangerous, if the person has not been on the hunt at all and wants to start it with bear.

The well-known "maybe" is not an approach for such a hunt, because here it is necessary to carefully select not only a gun in terms of strength, range of a shot, reliability and convenience, but also take into account the nuances of such a hunt, in which you may not kill the beast with one shot and you will still have to chase it throughout the taiga, or run away from it throughout the taiga - it is possible such.

That is why, despite the fact that many people choose a fitting, it is not ideal for hunting a bear, because very often you have to shoot from more than 150 meters. Sometimes you have to finish shooting from 250-300 meters, for which this particular type of gun is not at all suitable. Very often the problem arises precisely in reloading the gun. It should be borne in mind that there may not be enough time to reload the folding gun, so you can use a semi-automatic or an ordinary bolt, which will be both reliable and effective. The breaking gun will also lose if you have to fire four or more shots at the bear, because it is very bad at firing.

What should be the main characteristics of the gun?

First, you need to remove all unnecessary prejudices and myths that relate to the length of the barrel. Many argue that it is the long gun that will be the most effective for hunting bear, since it has a much greater shot power. This is partly true, but 5-8% of the power of the shot decides a little, but a short gun, with which you can immediately react to the slightest rustle, will be just right. Moreover, the carbine must be chosen and as easy as possible, because if you go ten kilometers with it, then you will no longer be up to hunting, but then you should take into account the recoil force, which will be greater with a low weight guns. Here it is already worth choosing a gun according to the personal characteristics of each hunter, taking into account whether a person can physically carry a heavy carbine all day.

A bear hunting rifle must hold at least 10 charges in the store, as you often have to run and to finish shooting the bear, and throwing cartridges into the store from above is very inconvenient, take my word for it, if you didn't have one practice. Moreover, it is advised to have at least two shops for hunting a bear, and when one is empty, you can immediately insert another, thereby saving a lot of time, which is very expensive for such a hunt.

The shotgun should also be secured, as it is likely that branches and other improvised items can catch the trigger and fire an arbitrary shot. Moreover, it is not excluded that you can stumble and fall directly on the gun, which can also lead to unexpected and unfavorable results. Yes, and removing the gun from the safety lock is also not difficult.

The caliber of a gun for a bear can be different, here it is for an amateur, but it can be SKS or more powerful caliber, because the beast is also not small and a bad shot can turn out not very favorable for hunter. The minimum should be caliber 338, or "nine", which has a remarkable stopping power of the shot. 375 Holland & Holland shows itself very well in hunting.

As for the selection of optics, it should be said here that it should be removed quickly. In the dark, or in bad weather, there is nothing to do without optics while hunting, but you also need to take into account the possibility of shooting without optics, especially in critical situations.

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