2 weeks men cut down and piled frame for the bath.

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Now again began to appear a lot of information, as men build baths, but in most cases the whole building ends at the moment as to the site brought CYLINDRICAL frame that as a designer just robbing and put on a place.

Not the most heroic labor, given that such log-customize for each other and so on, almost a constructor that you need to properly assemble.

Another thing is when you need to not only collect, but also to cut down, to get rid of branches, trunks and try to clear out of that - something to do.

Here on this process and will be an article.

Men were able to 2 weeks, not only to prepare the required number of trunks, but they completely treated, purified and released a full framework for a bath.

To log chosen trunks roughly the same diameter, but still get a big variation, as seen in the photo, different diameters and to be honest, it gives the bath its own flavor and naturalness.

Not to form large cracks and blew, each connecting seam proponopachen.

All work was carried out without any special tools, using only a chainsaw, goats and a chisel with a hammer.

In short simple hand tools.

The result of this work covered log cabin, he received a small, but there are two rooms, a steam room and a full waiting room.

Men are big fellows, then coped with such a workload.

A source: https://vk.com/photo-170929488_457242882?api_access_key=6d75b9e8415bafb988

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