How to expand a small kitchen

Paradoxically, in a country with a developed culture of hospitality and kitchen gatherings until late at night, a standard kitchen area rarely exceeds the mark of 10 square meters.

That is our mind that furnished our kitchen, we often think not only about how to place there all the necessary items and accessories, but also provide space for the guests. Recently, a popular way of conversion of a small kitchen in a spacious dining room was the demolition of the walls. This method is more radical than the only possible. But if the area your apartment allows, it is better to expand this important part of the house.

Before deciding on this, it is necessary to consider all the pros and cons.


When expanding the kitchen by the demolition of walls and combining with a living room, a large dining room begins to perform several functions. This kitchen and dining room and living room, where you can meet friends, celebrate birthdays and other holidays or to spend a warm evening for a cup of tea or a family watching television and movies.

For a large room, you can order a kitchen, which will provide all the drawers and shelves that you need, and not to buy furniture for a small kitchen. In addition, all the boring plain stools can be replaced by a beautiful and comfortable chairs.


Odors and grease deposited on the kitchen from cooking will now settle on a good furniture, appliances and other home furnishings. If we are talking about a studio apartment, you will automatically lose your bedroom.

If the decision is still made in favor of the demolition of the wall and the expansion of space, you should carefully plan the future kitchen. The first rule of good planning - zoning. It is important to define the dining area, seating area and a work area for cooking.

Very good code separation zone starts from the floor. Yes, even in Odon room can be used 2-3 different floor coverings. Further embodiments should be considered with arches projecting structures or the use of columns. Another way of dividing the zones - game lighting. Choose different colors and lighting lamps and lampshades. The most popular way of dividing work and dining area is the installation of the bar.

You might think that this is nonsense - first to combine the room, and then hard to allocate different areas. But, believe me, it is necessary for a harmonious and cozy atmosphere and functional use of space. When planning your kitchen, do not lose your sense of taste. Combine 2 to 3 different style is much more complicated than stand all in one.

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