Bath plywood collected over 10 days and 70 tons rubles hands. Photos Before / After.

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We are not exaggerating when I say that the bath is collected from plywood, we have seen a lot of articles, when the baths pre-cast powerful base and spread the walls of the blocks, and thus the capital prepared design.

But this room is very different from anything we've seen. For its foundation just laid concrete blocks, creating a total of 6 points of support.

Such a solution significantly reduced the price of construction and accelerated the installation.

Further, on a base of the timber floors laid, we gathered in the same frame of beams and walls. Immediately install outside door frame, the ramp to the roof and small windows.

Next, the resulting shed, agree on the form factor very similar to the truth. sheathed special vapor retarding film.

On top of a simple room sheathed with plywood. as did the roof, and all the extra gap filled with foam.

Inside the walls are insulated, more precisely we have done so that the heat did not go away through the cracks and divided into two rooms on the dressing room and steam room.

By a result of all the work turned out quite nice bath that with all of this and more mobile and with a strong desire to move to a new location not be easy.

In the steam room we have established a good oven, for which the eye is sufficient for such a small steam room.

In the smoke output pipe installed in the same heat exchanger, wherein during heating water will be heated, to be able to wash after.

Outside painted plywood, highlighting the dark color of the window and the door.

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