How to eliminate flow from the tap

Who does not happen that at the most inopportune moment faucet started leaking? With each happened. What can be done to identify the causes of the problem and then fix it? If the valve is complex in its design, it is better to let his repairs would take a professional plumber. But in most cases, the reasons for this failure are rather simple and therefore flow from the tap can eliminate any host.

Experience shows that most of those taps and mixers to break, which is responsible for the supply of hot water. During continuous operation the cranes begin to weaken and leak.

Before you start problem detection and repair leaking taps, you need to turn off the water supply. This can be done by closing the valve to the water supply. Usually it is on the water pipe in the toilet or bathroom. We must remember that for the hot and cold water have separate valves. Since the need to unscrew and remove the entire valve, which is suitable and hot and cold water, it is necessary to block both valves.

The next step - unscrew the valve. To do this, take a wrench or an adjustable wrench. Untwisted it, you can install exactly what the problem is. Usually it is the wear pads, which serves to seal. Perhaps the bad gland packing, and can wear the thread on the rod.

It often happens that in a grain of sand falls, scale, or something else. Such elements can enter between the sealing rubber and the valve seat and lead to its destruction. Sometimes the cause of this problem may be excessive twisting of the crane.

To replace the pads need to drain the water from the tap, remove the spool and remove the old worn-out lining. In its place put a new one, you can do it yourself - cut from the rubber soles. Although the tap hot water is more suitable leather lining. Will last longer.

But that does not take itself head in specialized stores plumbing can be purchased ready-made gasket, put and forget. Since the seller is possible to consult, what better place and he can advise durable.

After installing the gasket, return to the place of the spool. We need to make sure that it is well turned in a nest. If you had found a scum, warm vinegar it can be removed. Very hard it is not necessary to fix the slide. You installed gasket rapid wear, it shortens the time of her life.

After replacing the gaskets, replace faucet cover. With the help of a wrench tighten the valve back and try to turn the water supply valves to the faucet. After the valve must not leak replace the gasket. It should twist easily and cleanly perform its function.

Again, do not forget, if you put the rubber gasket, do not tighten the valve much, because soon you will have to repair the crane again, in order to eliminate leaks.

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