Man has built over the summer a huge garage, but flawed. Photos Before / After.

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The man on the site decided to build a huge garage, naturally any project he had built, and he was on the eye, and everything is nothing, but the time that the neighbor's fence to the house and the distance is very small, a meter and a half, no longer puts the whole idea with the construction of a large question.

Before starting work, the man dug a trench, which was planned to pour concrete to form the foundation.

AGL foundation raised approximately 30-40 centimeters and this exposed timbering.

To reduce the amount of concrete, most of the space filled up with broken bricks and stones.

This solution is often used before, but we think it is too little space left for the solution.

Next poured concrete foundation, the landlord kneaded solution of hands, without any tools, so that this process was very laborious and took a long time.

Foundation giving the necessary time to pour, a man prepared the materials for further construction.

The walls began to spread from large ceramic blocks, natural for the construction of the house only those blocks can not be used - too cold will be in the winter, but for the garage, taking into account that in the future it will bind and plaster - it is, given that it spread from the wall quickly and not difficult.

Since the garage is very long and one of the walls is almost directly adjacent to the neighbor's fence, windows, it was decided to do only with one hand and made them as much as 4 pieces.

The door is also located in the middle between the windows.

This was followed by the usual steps for this kind of buildings, installed beams over the windows and the garage door, and began to mount truss portion.

And in the end stage of the external truss of the roof was closed, and now the room is dry and can easily be picked on and on.

It is clear that before the end of work for a long time, but at this stage the man stopped and plans to finish the garage jo as early as the end of next season.

If there were more of Finance, it certainly could be done this year, but so far the situation is different.

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