Why does a smartphone consume traffic even if you are not using it?

Users who are connected to the Internet via a smartphone and do not have a Wi-Fi connection often notice that they did not touch the smartphone, and the next day, 500 megabytes of traffic went somewhere. What happens to the smartphone and how to protect yourself?


Various widgets that show the weather forecast, exchange rates, stocks, news always work. They ask for information and get it by wasting traffic. If your connection is limited and every megabyte from the package is dear to you, then you need to be careful with widgets. In my practice, there were news widgets that consumed 10-20 megabytes of traffic per connection.

Operating system updates

In theory, the operating system needs to be updated only via Wi-Fi. There is such an option in the settings. If your smartphone is updated via a mobile network, then there is nothing surprising here - the traffic can be decently spent. There is only one way out, to set the system update via Wi-Fi in the settings and look for an access point as needed.

Updating applications

If you have the option to automatically update applications enabled, then the traffic may also be wasted. Here the situation is the same as in the previous paragraph: in the settings, you can specify that applications need to be updated only via Wi-Fi.

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The operating system itself

The OS is constantly receiving and sending some data. Their volume is not so great, but as a whole, a decent amount of megabytes can run up.

The advice is simple: put your smartphone in power saving mode. In this state, updates are disabled and the device does not work with some data (receives and receives them less often). Also, in order to save money, you can turn off GPS, this setting can also take a little traffic.

Applications that run in the background

For example, you watched the feed of a social network and left it in your memory. Depending on the device model, the application may consume traffic if it is running in the background, that is, continue to update the feed, wasting your traffic.


If you are a WhatsApp or Viber user and participate in group chats, then all sent by others picture users, voice messages come to your smartphone, wasting memory and precious megabytes. The solution here is simple - to remove the automatic downloading of media files in the messenger settings.

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