"I can't sit around." Buddy's story

Once they were building a cottage for one moneybag. A village outside the city, serious work, a lot of people. A local resident was taken over as a security guard. But he arranged drinking at night, and his superiors kicked him out. As always, they fired ahead, and then began to look for someone to replace.

Leaving the territory unprotected is risky. The dismissed person could take revenge, and the unemployed in the settlement looked eagerly at what they could get hold of at the construction site.

The local received 500 rubles per day. The shift lasted from six in the evening until nine in the morning. Candidates didn’t appear close, and the city’s obviously didn’t want to ride sixty kilometers from the city for such a meager sum.

" I can't sit around." The story of a friend - a welder, how a manager got a job as a watchman and achieved success

We increased the amount already to a thousand, and agreed with the recently fined carpenter that he would watch for a couple of days. We solved the problem temporarily.

At dinner at home, the welder shared the news of the job and the vacancy with his wife.

And the wife immediately perked up.

- Misha, our relatives have a son running around the city. The nurse and his father taught him for money to be some kind of logistics manager. But there is no work, then at a construction site, then at a service station. The guy is good. Explanatory. He lives in a rented room, and his parents in the village dreamed that the boy would become a businessman. But, I see, he likes work with his hands. I’ll ask him?

The friend did not want to involve distant relatives from the village and their suspicious children in this matter, but did not object, after all, his wife offered.

As a result, we agreed that tomorrow the welder will take the guy to work.

And so it happened, Mikhail brought it and presented it to the management. They promised a salary of one thousand rubles, but added more responsibilities: to fill two tanks of two hundred liters with water for household needs.

After the shift, everyone left, but the new watchman Nikolai remained.

The welder did not sleep a wink at midnight. I reproached myself for getting into this mess. The kid is really muddy. They asked him why he did not work by profession, and he replied that he did not want to study either, his parents insisted. And he loves physical work, he worked well in the village at the sawmill ...

In the morning Misha jumped out of bed and ran to the construction site with bad feelings. Then literally word for word:

- I drive up, so to speak, to the gate, and see Kolya even fumbling. He made a broom and sweeps it himself. She says she can't just sit. OK. I go further along the site, and there it is sterile, like in an operating room. Pieces of pipes are neatly sorted by size so near the fence. He piled the remains of the planks by the kitchen. Linseed oil containers near the barn. Needless to say, clean and swept everywhere.

And the lad also laughs:

- I can’t sleep at night, I don’t hang out on the Internet, I cleaned, refueled, and sharpened the chains out of boredom and a chainsaw. And this chain is already unusable. I laid the pieces of insulation near the fence, otherwise it was blown away by the wind. While I was tidying up the ax, the assembly and the headlamp I found. Then let the guys look at whose. It's boring to just sit, so I put things in order. The tanks are full. The microwave was completely black, I washed it.

The welder went nuts:

- Wow! And he sharpened the chains, and removed everything, and replaced the broken steps on the stairs to the river, and overhauled the kitchen doors, they are not wedged now.

How! A little bit our Kolya was on guard, and then he volunteered as a handyman, and a month later he became a senior of the brigade.

Now they have transferred him to the region, they have more salaries than ours. As it turned out, he masterfully copes with round wood, and knows roofing work, he cuts a chip in mechanics (he repairs chainsaws and concrete mixers). She is happy to take on everything.

What for was the parental money spent on this higher education of a logistics manager is incomprehensible to the mind.

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