How to use metal profiles as beacons for plaster walls

Performing finishing work, you can greatly save time and effort by using metal profiles as beacons. This will allow you to get the most even surface in a short time.

Begin installing beacons on a wall vertically with the room. The first beacon is mounted via plug-nails. A distance to the corner in this case is 10-15 cm. First, drill a hole at the top of the wall, step back a little from the ceiling. In this hole, insert the dowel-nail. Then you need to screw in a screw, but not fully.

It should protrude above the wall. This hat tie plummet and lower it to the floor. A short distance from the floor near the plumb drill hole in the wall and insert it into another dowel-nail. Adjust the upper and lower screws to the cap located plumb with the same level.

Repeat the same steps on the second edge of the wall. Check the screw rule, placing it vertically. The wall of this should not act. Thus, you get two lighthouses, which consist of four screws. Screws formed by four points for the future of wall plastering.

Once prepared the main point is possible to start adding intermediate. To do this, between the top and bottom screws you need to pull the cord and make a few more points with dowel-nails. After that, the same thing is done between the top of a step in the 5-6 cm. The same action is done with all the remaining points on the horizontal. Then you need to check again the plane of the wall with the help of rules at all points.

After completing these works, go to the installation sequence profiles for lighthouses. Make installation gradually. One after another beacon mounted vertically to the end. Remember that the stucco plaster dries quickly, so do not try to do everything at once.

Spread the plaster from plaster and apply it with a spatula vertically. This should be done at each of the screws. Place the metal profile to the hats of screws so tight that it touched the most. Next, using a level check beacon. Likewise perform other installation profiles.

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