Kitchen furniture in detail: worktop

Worktop in the kitchen has long ceased to carry a function solely of the working surface, it allows us to give the modern kitchen a certain color and bears the aesthetic function.

The recent trend - combined kitchen and dining room or living room, allowing it to play a role not only separator space, but also a decorative flower stands, or use it as a bar rack.

For the manufacture of countertops for the kitchen today, there is a huge choice of materials: it may be artificial or natural stone, solid wood, stainless steel or treated glass, as well as (and most affordable way option countertop fabrication) of laminated chipboard.

Particularly strong and noble material in the manufacture of countertops has always been considered a natural stoneBut having a porous structure, countertops made from it eventually loses its form and responds poorly to cleanse.

Used as marble or granite countertops undoubtedly nicely fit into the interior, but very short-lived and are not practical, as not subject to only to mechanical damage, but also to the impact on them of household chemicals, acids, coffee, wine. Effective alternative is the use of artificial stone, which in addition to simulate the natural strength and has a variety of colors.

Gaining popularity both producers and customers manufacture of kitchen worktops CorianOr so-called - acrylic stone, externally resembling very natural stone, but is actually representing a combination of a mineral filler, an acrylic resin and pigments. Due to non-porous structure when dealing with such a material possible to achieve a perfectly flat surface countertop that will not absorb moisture and is not afraid of the impact of abrasives, household chemicals and high temperatures.

To increase the thermal stability generally in a tabletop incised metal plate. In addition, this countertop is resistant to mechanical damage, easy and practical to use, and therefore last a long time and not lose appearance. It is pleasant to the touch, can easily simulate any natural stone, thanks to its wide range of colors.

Mechanical damage in the form of chips and scratches easily restored. In addition, it is worth noting that this kind of material makes it possible to give all the necessary table top form and combined with other materials.

Before ordering and manufacturing countertops need to know the exact size, shape, and the places where they will be located sink, stove, built-in kitchen panels, cranes. If the shape of the kitchen countertop assumes an angular shape, you should consider in advance the strength and protection of corners from damage.

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