What car brands are most often stolen in Russia and how is it done

Hello friends! Today I want to tell you about such an unpleasant phenomenon as car theft.

What car brands are most often stolen in Russia and how is it done

Cars have been stolen since their appearance in the world. But now it is a huge shadow business with multi-billion dollar turnover. After all, there are more and more people and cars too. This means that there will always be demand, because we all want to save money. And what could be better than finding the desired car 20-30% cheaper than the market. But often stolen cars are scattered for parts, since criminals do not need to suffer with documents and other things.

The most stolen car brands

Here, in principle, everything is obvious. The most popular cars will be the most stolen. What are our most popular brands? Right - KIA and Hyundai and Toyota. After them, there are already more expensive brands and often such cars are stolen by order, because selling BMW or Mercedes is more difficult than Kia Rio.

What is noteworthy is that Volvo is one of the most rarely stolen brands, since their popularity is very small.

How are cars hacked?

Someone acts in the old fashioned way - breaking a window or breaking a door lock. But since car alarms are now installed on almost all cars, and even with a bunch of different protections, then most often special electronic devices - code grabbers - are used.

Often they are placed in the cases of conventional alarm key fobs.

For example, they can also copy your key code and then open your car as if nothing had happened. This happens most often in parking lots in residential areas, where thousands of cars and visually rarely see your car from the window. Therefore, there is plenty of time for theft, because most likely the owner of the car will discover the loss only in the morning, when he gets ready for work.

The cost of such devices goes up to huge sums of money in the black markets. But most likely they pay off very quickly. That is, in fact, now there is an invisible battle between specialists of automobile protection and criminals who are also improving their hacking devices.

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