You have never seen such a Hitachi VCR!

It seems that I have been working with radio equipment all my life and it is very difficult to surprise me with something, but sometimes I come across such copies that one wonders: how have I never met something like this before!

The Japanese industry produced portable tape recorders combined with a TV in huge quantities. I had a long article about this category of hardware. Firm Hitachi also produced amazing TV receivers.

You have never seen such a Hitachi VCR!

When I saw a photo of a tape recorder on the Internet Hitachi, with a screen on the front panel, I was not at all surprised: just another TV radio. However, I was confused by the design - it was too primitive for a Japanese manufacturer of the 80s - it was then that there was a fashion for TV receivers.

You have never seen such a Hitachi VCR!

Attempts to find detailed information on the Internet turned into an incident. The search engine reported that the TV radio Hitachi very similar to the USSR tape recorder "Spring"))).

What I discovered later, I was simply shocked: it turns out to be a combine of a cassette recorder and a filmoscope! Almost the brother of the best friend of our childhood!

The cassette holder cover simultaneously covers the CD cassette compartment and the film strip compartment

The film strip is loaded from the back of the tape recorder. There is also a compartment for the power cord and a spare light bulb. Filmstrip frames are changed by turning the handle on the side of the apparatus.

Unfortunately, the projection system is designed only for its small screen; it will not work to watch filmstrips on a large screen. Such is he bourgeois individualism.

Presence in the name of the device GAKKEN indicates that the device is firm Hitachi made by order of the largest educational company in Japan. Of course, you can listen to music on it, but its main purpose is the soundtrack of filmstrips. Here's how to call this device correctly, I don't even know: filmoscope tape recorder?

By the way, the firm GAKKEN produces devices for home recording of gramophone records Gakken Toy Record Maker

You can organize a personal recording studio)))

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