Caution, deception! Top pseudo-useful products

We often tell you about food that is the cause of popular diseases and does not actually contain anything useful. Today we will talk about food, which is often referred to as a healthy diet. But it is not so...

Desserts with fructose

Fructose is sugar! It does not increase insulin like sucrose, which is why it was used in sweets for diabetics.
But then it became clear that this is NOT a healthy alternative to sugar, as it leads to fatty liver cells.

Caution, deception! Top pseudo-useful products

Low fat dairy products

Fats in such milk are replaced with flavor enhancers or palm oil, which is even more harmful to health.

Marshmallow, marshmallow

Marshmallow or marshmallow should consist of 70-75% apples, then this product can be called useful, but in store versions there is nothing except starch and flavor enhancers.

Caution, deception! Top pseudo-useful products

Pates for the price of cabbage

You will not find a liver in pâté there, which means there is no benefit in the form of essential amino acids and heme iron.

Organic candy

They are seen as an alternative to classic sweets. But if you look at the composition, then this is a large amount of sugars and a minimum of benefit.

Low fat ice cream

Instead of cream, this dessert uses processed vegetable fats, thickeners and flavor enhancers.

Diet sodas

Despite its lower calorie content, it is not a healthy alternative to classic soda. Choose water!

Rice Cakes

It is a multi-processed (refined) product. After using it, there is a rapid jump in insulin, and then severe hunger comes.

Vegetable chips

Read the composition very carefully. Because chips made with lots of butter, sugar, and salt are not a healthy alternative.

Did you believe in the usefulness of the aforementioned products? Which ones are in your diet?

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