Readers named the main disadvantage of smartwatches. I show Xiaomi watch with a battery for two weeks

Accurate time and weather from the Internet, pulse oximeter and alarm clock in one gadget.

Visitors to the System Administrator Blog brought up an important topic.

Thanks for the informative comments, Sergey and Vladimir. Smart watches in 2021 are not a gadget for everyone.

Readers named the main disadvantage of smartwatches. I show Xiaomi watch with a battery for two weeks

The Mi Band 6 is primarily a fitness tracker. But not only. Replacing old school wristwatches in 2021. It is possible to reject an untimely call or take a picture with a smartphone. Shows notifications from apps on your phone.

Mi Band 6
Mi Band 6

The main reasons why people do not switch smartwatches are irrelevant:

  • high price;
  • frequent charging.

In normal use, it will work autonomously for up to two weeks.

Main characteristics

  • Module weight - 12.8 g.
  • Water resistance rating - 5 ATM.
  • Display - 1.56-inch AMOLED.
  • Battery capacity - 125 mAh.
  • Pulse oximeter.

Lightweight and functional electronic watch of the 21st of the 21st century. Not hello from the past, but not a fancy wrist computer either. The big screen is the most interesting feature of the sixth version.

In addition to the watch module with a strap, a charger without a USB adapter was put in the box.

Bright screen, fitness, heart rate and SpO2

Sports don't have to be a daily workout routine. Including the usual morning exercises. Supports thirty types of loads and outdoor games. I will single out those that are interesting even for those who are far from the topic of healthy lifestyle - gymnastics, badminton, cycling and swimming.

The accuracy of measuring the pulse and saturation is far from ideal. There is also monitoring of the menstrual cycle. Not a medical device, and is not positioned as such. Only for self-examination, which, however, is also useful.

The visibility of the screen even in bright light, as well as the sensitivity of the touchscreen, are good. The brightness is adjustable, at the user's choice - 5 levels. The display is almost bezel-less. Not only looks stylish, but also contains more information.

Works in conjunction with an application for a mobile phone running Android or iOS. The dial is chosen by the user. Changes according to mood and situation.

Working week without charging with active use

The fancy functionality includes monitoring stress, sleep quality and in-depth measurements of the state of the body. Activation reduces battery life. But here, too, the battery performed well. Loses about 20% of the charge per day.

More details told about the functions and settings of the gadget in the review.

Which is better - a fitness bracelet, electronic, mechanical or smart watch and, most importantly, why? Write in the comments 👇

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