Where and how to store important files so that no one finds them

Every user of a computer device may have a question about saving important files, be it a laptop or a smartphone. But if the goal is to save files so that no one can use them, what to do? Yes, they have not yet invented "bank cells" for storing data, but I think this service will soon be popular. Therefore, for now, we will resolve the issue on our own.

So. The goal is to save important files so that no one can access them.

What options do we have?

Store on a device that doesn't have an internet connection. This is the safest option. You can duplicate the files you need on external storage. If no one gets physical access to the devices, then the files will remain intact.

This is the best option. But what if there is no second device and the files need to be stored on a work computer, which is also connected to the Internet?

Where and how to store important files so that no one finds them
Where and how to store important files so that no one finds them

Any device that has a connection to any network should be considered potentially vulnerable. Even if it is protected by various firewalls and antiviruses, there is still a risk that data may be lost. How to store files in this case?

Many people advise storing files in the trash can, they say, viral applications and the attacker would not even guess that important documents will be in this place. But there is a risk that you yourself will accidentally delete them. And the basket, in fact, is a regular folder, which can still be accessed bypassing the operating system. Therefore, not an option.

Yes, you can use special cryptographic software, but it has its own nuances and good programs cost money. Let such programs be used by businessmen who value a 100% guarantee and quick access. Therefore, we have one option - archiving with a password.

We take a regular RAR archiver, add the necessary files and set a long and complex password.

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If you need a greater degree of protection, we wrap the archive in another archive with a password. The main thing is not to forget your password. Such a password can only be cracked by brute force and to crack a password like:

PwpXLJ% aeDW5Gn | @gzpboqsWGYp? C ~ 3rtWwV? H} ~ J4a}} NWhGthEv6PTlfeWOm6? J {cB ~ zutNrgEXR23f @ * 92T {vyp

It will take huge power and a lot of time. The main thing is to keep this password and not lose it.

The only drawback of such archiving is that if you need to pack large files, it will take too long. But cryptographic programs are also not fast - all the same, the files will need to be packed into some common object in order to put a password on them.

Well, in order to protect your files from accidental viewing by loved ones who use your computer, you just need to create another account in Windows and log out of it in time.

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