Italian watch SECTOR with tachymeter and chronographđź”»

Hello friends! Watches from Italy are often associated with fashion, style and something expensive. But in fact, there are brands that offer watches no worse than the same Casio.

Italian watch SECTOR with tachymeter and chronographđź”»
Italian watch SECTOR with tachymeter and chronographđź”»

This brand is Sector. This is a rather old Italian brand, founded in 1973. The watches are predominantly sports watches, which have been supported by many athletes throughout the entire existence of the brand. Therefore, this brand can be safely called the Italian Casio.

After all, even for the price, everything is in order here and the watch corresponds to its functionality and characteristics. Of course, when compared with no less famous brands.

Buy now Sector R3273643004 you can for 25-35 thousand rubles, but it will depend on the store.
  • Mechanism. The watch has a classic quartz movement without any solar panels or anything else. Everything works well and accuracy has small errors per day, like any other reliable sports watch.
  • Materials (edit). Here, too, without any frills. Steel bracelet and steel case. The glass here is mineral. But it is worth noting the following feature. The brand is committed to the environment and therefore makes the packaging of watches from environmentally friendly materials. This is really important these days.
  • Dimensions (edit). The size of the watch is medium. The case diameter is 43mm and the thickness is 11.5mm.
  • Water resistance. Protection against water is 100WR, that is, the watch will withstand exposure to water in 10 atmospheres. This is enough to swim in a watch in a pool or any other body of water. But do not get involved in diving. So that you might not think that the watch will unfasten, there is a diver protection - a special lock on the clasp of the bracelet.
  • Functional. There is a chronograph and tachymeter to match a truly sporty focus. The first is able to measure up to 30 minutes, and a tachymeter is needed to measure the speed of movement. There is also a dial with a 24-hour time format.

I would not say that this is some kind of unique watch, but it is definitely worth your attention. If you are tired of typical brands and want something not so popular, but no less high quality - feel free to take the Sector watch!

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