How to make a downdraft dust collector for a garage or workshop, saving money

How to make a downdraft dust collector for a garage or workshop, saving money

The design is very simple, but very useful, especially for those who have a sander. Everyone knows how much dust is raised in the workshop from this tool. And it doesn't matter if the tools have a dust collector or not, one way or another there will be dust anyway. It settles on the workbench, on tools, on the floor, shelves, etc., and most importantly, it enters our body.

Someone will say, one respirator and do not "vyzhivayutsya", I agree, the thing is good, but it's hard to work in it, especially if it's + 30 degrees outside, and even more in the workshop.

Enough introductions, let's show you a simple construction that deserves attention.

First, we need to make an ordinary box with a lid, I did not translate the precious plywood, I just took and bought such a box in the store for 199 rubles.

I found a piece of plywood, from which we will make a special cover.

I cut out the lids from the box to the size, below you will understand what and how. I drew lines to make holes.

Using glue, we connect the plywood to the lid.

As soon as everything is dry, we make holes in the cells, although there is no difference here, you can do it in a chaotic manner, it will not affect the functionality in any way.

With the lid sorted out, let's move on to another stage. We need a piece of sewer pipe.

Let's take "CONTACT" epoxy glue, which quickly grasps and holds firmly.

A hole was made in the box and the pipe was fixed with epoxy glue.

We connect the vacuum cleaner to our box.

The bottom line is that now we will process all the workpieces on our table, all the dust and dirt will be instantly sucked into our "table".

See how much fine dust and sawdust is, in only 5 minutes of work!

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