Don't cause diabetes in your child! Hidden Sugar Products

Sounds scary? But many mothers do this, of course, without knowing it themselves! Hidden sugars are enemies that we must be able to recognize. Nutritionist and rehabilitation therapist Daria Maltseva compiled the coolest list of foods that contain the most hidden sugars and found healthy substitutes for them.

1. Instant sweet oatmeal "with berries".
Instead, cook good rolled oats for 2-3 days for 15-20 minutes of cooking, if you don't have time every morning.

2. Children's hematogen. An alternative is dark chocolate.

3. Sausages and sausage. Change to boiled chicken, beef.

Don't cause diabetes in your child! Hidden Sugar Products

4. Ketchup (even homemade, there is vinegar!). Change to vegetables.

5. Pillows, cereal with milk, quick breakfast, muesli. An alternative is cereals.

6. Sweet yoghurts and glazed curds. Substitution: kefir, yogurt and berries.

Don't cause diabetes in your child! Hidden Sugar Products

7. Pate with bread. Replace with whole grain cottage cheese and avocado bread.

8. Processed cheese. Smear with regular cheese and butter 82%.

9. Fruit packaged juices. A healthy alternative is sugar-free juices or homemade juices.

10. 3 in 1 coffee. Many children drink it without your knowledge. We replace it with tea and coffee with syrups.

Save this list and start replacing unhealthy foods with healthier ones, not only in children, but primarily in your diet! Only through personal example can you instill the right eating habits and raise healthy and strong children!

Which of the following foods do you regularly eat in your diet? Write a number!

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