What financial school taught me - I used to be blind in my spending

My blog readers know that I attend master classes Yegor Arslanov's money schools. I'll say ahead - the master class is free, but if you want to get bonus videos, the payment is symbolic - 390 rubles. Honestly, I did not believe that some courses, lectures and master classes could change something in my financial life. How can a course give me money?

What financial school taught me - I used to be blind in my spending

By the way, this was the very first delusion. A person's lack of money morally crushes a person and he does not understand that most of the problems are in his head, and not in his wallet. I thought so too. In general, a lot of time has passed since I watched the video and it's time to summarize:

1. Now I know exactly what I need to buy and what I don’t need. I used to make a lot of unnecessary purchases without even thinking about it myself. And the fact that the penny ruble protects we do not realize - the temptation is great. And this also needs to be realized.

2. Many of my friends and acquaintances are constantly investing somewhere. There are ups and downs. But to invest you need extra money. And what when there are almost none? In the video, Yegor Arslanov tells which tools can be invested in and which are not. No, it does not provide specific services, but gives an understanding of the investment mechanism. I'm dripping a little. If there is still extra money, I will invest.

3. Until the age of 35, I did not think about the financial future at all. It seems that there are arms and legs, the head works fine. But after the master class I realized - it's time to have some kind of capital in case of force majeure or other unforeseen expenses. I have already managed to postpone a little, quite a bit - moreover, I pay large debts on loans.

4. It became psychologically easier for me in relation to money.

And most importantly, my opinion about money has changed - for me money has become just a convenient tool for achieving my goals, and not the main goal in life.

The master class is taught by Yegor Arslanov, a professional investor with 14 years of experience. Egor has excellent reviews - you can check it yourself on the Internet at major review sites.

You can sign up for a master class here >>(the master class is free). Recommend!

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