Perfect ready-made case for a retro watch for 47 rubles. Take on arms

Perfect ready-made case for a retro watch for 47 rubles. Take on arms

I have already talked about our conveyor for the production of retro watches on gas-discharge indicators of the USSR. In short: a friend got hold of a whole bunch of gas-discharge indicators of the USSR IN-12 and IN14 brands. He shared this wealth with me. Well, since fortune sent such luxury, then God himself ordered to collect very beautiful watches on them.

And not even to us, we have already collected a bunch of devices in our life, but to give young people the opportunity to assemble a beautiful and stylish electronic device with their own hands.

Thanks to the enthusiast under the nickname AlexGyver, on the Internet there is all the necessary information for self-assembly of such watches. I bought 5 sets of parts through the Internet. It just so happened, I assembled the first set myself, although I did not plan. Young friends, who were skeptical about my idea before, were visually convinced that the watch looks very cool. Interest has awakened.

First one looked to me and we put together the same watch. Moreover, my participation was only in advice and tips. Breathing rosin smoke and burning fingers with a soldering iron had to be a completely young talent. It was damn good to see his delight when the clock started.

As soon as he showed off his homemade product to his friends, two more candidates for young radio amateurs immediately appeared on the doorstep. The "conveyor" started working. We quickly learned how to assemble a watch, but we do not have a case.

Whether we have a 3D printer or turning and milling equipment, it was possible to create a bunch of different options like

Went through local crockery - hardware stores - nothing fancy. Remembering my children's pocket receivers, I even wanted to make a plastic soap dish. Only the watch in such a case did not look at all.

Who seeks will always find. So I stumbled upon a suitable case by accident: a shoe sponge for 47 rubles.

The plastic cover of this sponge is very neatly molded from absolutely transparent plastic. It fits almost perfectly in size. On the upper part of the body we mark the centers of the discharge lamps.

The diameter of the bulb of the IN-14 lamps is 18 mm. At first I wanted to drill the holes with a stepped drill. Unfortunately, the plastic is very fragile and my idea failed. Well, since the plastic is cracking from the drill, I decided to cut the holes thermally. In stocks, I found a metal tube from a Chinese mop and fitted it to the soldering iron: I took out the soldering iron tip, and screwed the tube with the tip fixing screw

The result is an excellent thermal cutter of 19.5 mm holes. (tube of this diameter). You can use tin can instead of a tube. In the center, we drill a 4 mm hole for the LED blinking in time with the seconds. The case covers the circuit boards of the watch just perfect:

From the back with a soldering iron we melt the gap for the output of the power cable

I used 4mm foam plastic as the bottom cover. I stock up on scraps of this material when I visit an advertising agency.

Here is such a nice, affordable and very budget case.

Well, a couple of remarks: the control buttons are very poorly located. They have a place in the back somewhere.

You rarely use them and there is no point in keeping them on the front panel. At the request of young radio amateurs, we did not move them somewhere, but made "extension bars" on them from the base of cotton swabs

The stick is then trimmed in place so that the tip sticks out over the millimeter 3 case.

Not very well placed the blinking LED in front of the line of lamps. I had to bend it obliquely to direct it to the right place.

the line of lamps is highlighted in yellow
the line of lamps is highlighted in yellow

I have a container for sewing supplies, you can cut it flush with the discharge lamps and put it on a blinking LED. I have not yet thought of how to fill this "mini-lamp" to make it look beautiful. If anyone has any ideas, please share.

Here's a short video of what it looks like:

Where and what parts I ordered, and the full cost breakdown in the article HERE.

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