Man made an urgent repair in the bedroom, before the birth of the child. Photos Before / After.

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birth of a child is always a holiday, but it is often an apartment to be prepared for the emergence of a new family member. In addition to the purchase of all necessary for the baby, often the very conditions of life of young parents differed from those conditions that are necessary for a child.

Of course, many now say that many do not have to baby, but the owner of the apartment decided otherwise.

Before repairing the room was not that messy, but a bit dark, gray and dull from old furniture already smelled of dust and all were scattered because of the lack of space for storage.

This is urgently needed to fix it and the man decided to get down to business, spending less week. And another such moment could certainly cause a team and it would be made still faster, but the big money was needed for the needs of the child, on this very large sums to repair debts.

So that all the work had to be done by yourself.

The first step is the happy father brought out all of the apartments, the old linoleum and began quickly to remove the wallpaper and so on through the list.

The task was pokleit wallpaper, make a new floor, new cabinets to collect, more spacious and bright, and put a chest of drawers to organize a place for baby bed.

The room itself was small size and to place in it all our plans, we had yet to try.

As you can see from the photo post-man coped with the task very easy and fast. Wallpapers were selected light color, almost white, but with a light gray shade.

The door and the bed were old, unchanged.

Wardrobe and chest of drawers quickly and without too much difficulty have been collected because they were bought in Ikea, and with the build quality is generally no problems.

Finally the room was much lighter, even a new TV and curtains, a bed on the floor laminate light, we left the old bed, but slightly move it to another location.

The man worked hard for his family, and most importantly, that the wife was very happy to get the result.

It is interesting to know your opinion on this repair, given that the repair did the man himself, without the help of his wife, as far as he successfully all I located and whether the wife is happy with the present, or to have any failing is conceptually things are worth paying in the future Attention?

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